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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! If you are here for the blog hop my letter is "C" (like candy or cats or chills!) Also the next blog you need to visit is Stitches by Carin. I hope everyone has a super spooky Halloween filled with candy and fun! We are off trick or treating tonight with Glenda the good witch, and the Wicked Witch of the East!


Melinda said...

Will miss your daily posts.. Hope the girls got tons of treats

EvalinaMaria said...

Happy Halloween and lots of candies!

Barb said...

A very Happy Halloween to you and your family!!

Brigitte said...

I was enjoying your Halloween Countdown so much. It was so great to see a new Halloween treat each day when getting to your blog. And of course there were a couple of additions to my wish list, lol. Thanks for enabling.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in the Blog Hop.

I made a tiny error and added your email addy to the list instead of your blog addy. Then Blogger wouldn't accept the change until I deleted and retyped it!!

Bev said...

i really like the design you are showing here, found your blog while doing the hop and i am glad i have didnt realise i was missing so many good blogs, looking forward to more updates!

Kaisievic said...

I am a new follower as I am doing the bloghop, too! Lovely blog and a cute Halloween piece. Isn't this fun?

hugs Kaye


stitcherw said...

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween, loved seeing all the lovely posts. I especially enjoyed your finish of BC's Black Cat, what a creative way to finish it. I'm really finishing challenged, but I think I could do that. Hope the Vet was able to give you good news on Mary, how awful that she may have to lose her leg. Although, animals are amazing at there ability to adapt if they need to.