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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A tiny bit of stash enhancement

Finally my exchange piece arrived that I stitched for Rosa, so I can show photos. This was for the Christmas exchange on the Hooked on Exchanging blog, and it had to be a Prairie Schooler design. I loved the fox riding on the sled. Though I think if I stitched it again I would use more of a reddish or orange-brown for their fur. I love PS Santas, and I most likely will stitch this again for my own tree. 

And here is my early Valentine to myself. Just Another Button Co. "Lovebird" chart, a fat little cardinal perched upon a spool of thread. Also Hands on Design from the Year in Chalk series "February". I have stitched six other months of this series so far. And I forgot to post my favorite Christmas present from my sweetest husband, a pair of Gingher scissors, "Emily" a pretty pink design that are just perfect for spring.

 Last but not least, I am trying something new with my stitching a little bit of Thread Magic. Though I do have a question for my blogging friends. I tore it out of the packaging too fast to actually read the directions (totally not like me at all is it?) So if you stitch with this how do you coat the thread with it? Do you poke your needle all the way through the wax (cause I would think this would make the needle slippery) but there are holes on the side of the lid that kind of look like that is what your supposed to do. Or do you just swipe the thread along the outside of the little wax ball, cause that doesn't seem to coat all of the thread? Any comments are appreciated, also if you use it if you have noticed a difference in your finished pieces, like does the waxy coating make any difference in colors (they say it won't but i'm pretty risk averse when it comes to my stitching).

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Making up for lack of talent or skill with sheer enthusiasm!

This is my project for my weekend, the pattern is "Venetian Windows" out of Easy Quilts magazine. The fabric is "In Bloom" by Quilting Treasures. I really wanted to showcase the poppy fabric and the beautiful blues/yellows/and reds in it. But the quilting pattern got the better of my limited skills. Apparently "Easy Quilts" was not quite easy enough for me! The first block took me several hours to put together and still came out an inch too small with none of the corners matching up. So that one will become a pillow or something else. I seem to be on track now after figuring out that an accurate one inch sashing with 1/4 inch seam was too much for my limited skills. I have been  quilting for maybe ten years now, and I love it! But a detail person I am not and cutting exact sizes and sewing exact seams is well....not exactly my strong suit. So I have had to add a 1/4 inch to all of the measurements and that seems to be working for me, i'm glad I bought plenty of fabric.

And still stitching along on Autumn Village. I think it is stitching up quite quickly. I am trying to work on one building at a time, from left to right. So the needlework shop, the barber shop, and most of the bakery in the center of the piece are all 90% done. Now for the grocery store and the red school on the far right and then all the confetti trees and EEK backstitching!

Hope your New Year is off to an awesome start! I have been a good girl so far with most of my goals. I've even been managing to fit a 2 mile run in each day, and it's been raining cats and dogs here all week!