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I love anything creative...I am a busy mom of three (+4 dogs, 1 bird, 1 bunny, and 1 sweet husband) who sometimes wishes I had more time/energy/talent to devote to just being creative!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Life is too short to stitch things you don't love!

I restarted Satsuma Street "Sweet Spring", I was stitching it on a 30 ct WDW linen, that was the most gorgeous color but my stitches were looking like a hot mess on it! I was not enjoying it at all, even though I love how cute the little bunny is. So I went out and got myself some tried and true 28 ct Lugana evenweave, dyed it myself (it came out much brighter than the called for linen-but I still like it) and am now happily starting over. Especially for a smaller piece like this, where no one in my house will even care what I stitched it on, why would I make myself miserable trying to finish it on the linen. 

Still working on Ashley. I filled in more of the grass last week, and a little more of the roses above her. 
And a little bit of a new start, that is almost done already. I wanted something bright, and was avoiding Sweet Spring while I figured out what to do with it. So I pulled this out of my stash of charts. Lizzie Kate is always my go to for cute and bright. I of course changed most of the colors on it to use whatever I had already. I love the color of the little starfish. I used Purple Iris by Crescent Colors. 

Other than lots of stitching I had a pretty dull week. I worked a lot last week, and my mom had hip surgery. It felt like I spent the whole week going between the hospital and my office. I am looking forward to a slower week ahead! My mom seems to be settling in to the rehab facility, and is already walking again using a walker. I know she is eager to be home again. She is 80 this year, but has always been very independent. I think having nurses checking on her all the time is getting on her nerves. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A complete and utter lack of self-control

 And i'm back up to THIRTY wip's again. Blame it on the bunny, she was too cute! This was another of my Christmas presents, so at least I didn't buy anymore stash. My family even bought me the linen and threads for the chart, the linen is a 30 ct. WDW called "Seafoam" and it is a pretty light blue-green. All of the threads are just DMC, which I appreciate. Variegated threads are so pretty, but sometimes I like just simple DMC. The chart is of course a Satsuma Street design, kind of a new designer, and I love the funkiness of her patterns.
But at least I am still working on Ashley too. I actually got a non-blurry photo of her for once, though it still doesn't show the true linen color. I am working on her underskirts, which are a very pretty blue/turquoise/teal gingham below a layer of pink/coral gingham. I also started filling in some of the green grass below her dress too. 

And this is how we spent our Saturday afternoon, at the last Spring training game of the season. Our little boy was all about the hot-dogs and running up and down the grass hill (we had lawn seats in the outfield). And my two girls were all about trying to get on the jumbo-tron screen when they would scan the crowd. It was such a fun weekend outing, and we aren't huge baseball fans. My husband grew up playing it, so I think he was the only one of us who truly appreciated the game.