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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter! yes yes i know i'm late

This is my Easter finish for this year. "Uber-Egg" by Bent Creek. I really like most of their uber series, and think I may do their Thanksgiving Uber-Turkey as my fall seasonal project. Somewhere in my counting I messed up on the lower left hand side of the egg, so I have a lop-sided easter egg. It's ok, it's one of those mistakes people notice only if I point it out.
This is my Easter finish from last year, finally framed . I think another Bent Creek piece, but I changed alot of the colors on it. The colors they used looked grey-ish and for spring I really like the purples instead. I hand painted the frame. It was actually a really nice wood frame originally from Target that I found at Goodwill for 99 cents. I was tempted not to paint it it was so nice, but for 99 cents how could I resist a little creativity and the opportunity to pull out my paint brushes!
And this is my BABY, turning eight this year. Her birthday fell on Easter this year so we had a friends party on Friday instead. We made friendship bracelets, and she got a bunch of legos which are her new favorite thing. I kind of like that she likes legos, since they are not so much a "girl" toy. It's also fun watching her read and follow all the directions in putting together all the little cars and houses.
I hope everyone's Easter was wonderful, and filled with all things Spring.