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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shakespeare...I want to love you I really really do.....

Ever had one of those love/hate projects? That you were so far into that you just couldn't quit and start over on, but you knew it just wasn't what you wanted it to be? I give you my Shakespeare's Fairies (a Nora Corbett/Mirabilia design). This was started about five years ago by me, and I think it is the linen that I stitched it on that I am just not loving. I picked the fabric for the color, but I would have been better off going with an evenweave fabric. My stitches look uneven on it, and I don't even really like the color of the fabric (wanted it to be more greenish). But I have already stitched most of one of the three fairies and it feels too late to start over now. I stitched a bit on it this week, and still LOVE LOVE LOVE the design, i'm just not in love with my version of it...sigh. I keep thinking maybe once I have finished it the love will come.

This little ewe is my cute Spring exchange off the HOE blog. It was stitched for me by Marie of creative threads blog It is a floss tag, and her finishing on it was just perfect. I am always nervous on my finishing, so I normally go the safe route of just a ornament or pillow. For the Christmas exchange I was a little braver and did a cute stocking. Anyways seeing finishes like this makes me green with envy. I hate to try something new for an exchange though, so I need to start being brave and practicing on the little stuff I make for me.