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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Happened!

Actually a lot has happened in the last four months. I have been a busy busy (slightly frazzled) little bee. Besides the usual holidays, I switched shifts at work (we do it every 6 months so that at least is nothing new, moved houses (same city...really less than 3 miles away from old house), remodeled a bathroom (and had to explain to a 4 year old which buttons for what on the new water saving toilet), painted a whole house (if I never see a paint brush again it will be TOO SOON), and ran a half marathon (someone should have better explained to me how far 13 miles really is!!!)
So now my life is just beginning to settle back down. Most of the boxes are unpacked, and the ones that aren't have been hidden in closets. I still can't find any of my craft supplies, but now have nice IKEA bookselves to put everything away in once I do. Don't you hate it when you have to go out and buy something you KNOW you already have but just can't find. Yes I am now the proud owner of FOUR craft knives and 3 hot glue guns. When the end of the world comes I will so be ready...to craft! I've also planted my spring garden and have 2 different kinds of squash, 4 different kinds of peppers, 2 kinds of radishes, lettuce, and tomatoes growing. By the end of summer I should be able to fix myself a lovely salad. Pic's of the new garden, and maybe some of all my x-stitches displayed in their new home in the next post I promise!

In all of this I have been able to start and even finish a few cross stitches. I have my two Easter ones framed and hanging already, I just don't have pictures on my computer yet. This is my next seasonal piece, "Glory" by Bent Creek. I love the patriotic-ness (is that a word?) of it, but am not sure how long i'll be able to tolerate only three colors on such a large piece. Also the threads aren't as veriegated as I would like.

So here's to actually getting back to blogging this year. I like doing it, and LOVE seeing everyone else's work. It always helps me find my next project. Not that I need any more projects! Sigh