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I love anything creative...I am a busy mom of THREE (+3 dogs, +1 bird, 1 bunny, and 1 sweet husband) who sometimes wishes I had more time/energy/talent to devote to cross stitch/quilting/painting.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

50 Shades of Grey

Progress on Prairie Schooler Owl and Pussycat. Just a few more rows of green under the boat to fill in those waves. Then their chests and eyes, they look a little weird not filled in. Hopefully by next week i'll have a finish to show off!

And here is my most recent quilt top finish. I have named this my "50 Shades of Gray" quilt. Don't worry, you don't have to point out that there is not actually fifty shades of grey in this quilt there is only four, I know. I just like the humor in naming a quilt after a dirty book (btw I have not read book/seen the movie yet they are both on my to do list).

Here is the back of the quilt, and some of my stitching on the top. I am hand stitching the top of it because I don't want to pay to have it long-arm quilted since it is just for me, and it was too bulky to quilt on my own sewing machine. I do love the backing fabric, it has a bunch of sewing related words on it. I figured a quilt named after a book should have something literary on it.

My latest exchange piece, finally arrived safely at it's destination. I had mailed it to Canada, and they sent it back because I didn't put my full name on the return address (I just used my first initial and last name). So I was super late in getting this to my exchange partner. I had to laugh over this exchange, above is the sheep I stitched and below is the sheep that was stitched for me. Their twins, just with different color wool! My exchange partner must have had very good taste!

I'll leave you again with more garden pics. These are blue hibiscus. They only bloom in the spring, but are actually pretty hardy for our extreme desert heat. I have one plant that has lasted through four summers now. I love their pretty purple flowers. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I forgot how much I enjoyed sorting thread.....

I forgot how much I enjoy sorting thread....said no one EVER! Especially not me. It's been years since I stitched a kit, but this one caught my eye. It is Bucilla's Heirloom Collection "Dana's Roses". The roses look just like one of my favorite types of roses "Peace" roses, and the kit included 28 count evenweave instead of scratchy Aida. So I bought it, cause that's just what I need is another large project to start. The thread sorter the kit included even had a little color sample next to the holes to make it easier to sort the thread. Did not really help. It still took me about an hour and several tangled messes to get all the thread sorted. Looking at how much thread is needed for this is a little intimidating.

This is my fun small project for the month, Prairie Schooler's "Owl & the Pussycat". I changed the colors a bit, using WDW "Grasshopper" for the boat, and changing the words from gold to purple. I love the little children's poem. I had an aunt who lived abroad for many years as I was growing up, and I remember she gave me a book of English children's stories/poems. The Owl & Pussycat was in it, beautifully illustrated. The book also included another children's poem that still to this day frightens me, it was called "The Pobble who lost his Nose" if I remember right, and it was about an elf who swam across the English Channel and froze off his nose. Don't know why it scared me so as a child, but I do remember the elf/pobble being quite creepy looking in the story.

Here is one of my first rose blooms for the year. This variety is called "Moonlit Path" and they have a beautiful purple tinge to them. They line my driveway, and I love seeing them as I pull in from work. Hoping everyone had a pleasant Easter, and warm spring days ahead. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shakespeare...I want to love you I really really do.....

Ever had one of those love/hate projects? That you were so far into that you just couldn't quit and start over on, but you knew it just wasn't what you wanted it to be? I give you my Shakespeare's Fairies (a Nora Corbett/Mirabilia design). This was started about five years ago by me, and I think it is the linen that I stitched it on that I am just not loving. I picked the fabric for the color, but I would have been better off going with an evenweave fabric. My stitches look uneven on it, and I don't even really like the color of the fabric (wanted it to be more greenish). But I have already stitched most of one of the three fairies and it feels too late to start over now. I stitched a bit on it this week, and still LOVE LOVE LOVE the design, i'm just not in love with my version of it...sigh. I keep thinking maybe once I have finished it the love will come.

This little ewe is my cute Spring exchange off the HOE blog. It was stitched for me by Marie of creative threads blog It is a floss tag, and her finishing on it was just perfect. I am always nervous on my finishing, so I normally go the safe route of just a ornament or pillow. For the Christmas exchange I was a little braver and did a cute stocking. Anyways seeing finishes like this makes me green with envy. I hate to try something new for an exchange though, so I need to start being brave and practicing on the little stuff I make for me.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Quickie bit of Romance

Here is my latest project--finished in three days--i'll say that is a quickie for me!

It's a Bent Creek design "Rowmance". I like most of their row designs, and of course always love stitching in season! (It was hard to get a photo of the whole thing--you can see my shoes in the above photo)

I was surprised at the colors on this piece, they were different than what I thought they would be from the chart photo. I was thinking greys, but most of the letters are browns and greens. If you Google image search the design their are some cool variations stitchers have done. One of my favorites had tan letters and white hearts and flowers, another had lots of pink flowers and hearts. The only major variation I did with mine is instead of stitching on a tan fabric, I used a light blue.

And i'll leave you with a photo of my favorite little boy. My baby turned one last week. In our family we have a tradition of "baby cakes" where on their first birthday they get a cake of their own to make a mess of. I think more of it got on his face than in his mouth!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


So I am laughing a bit over my last post, which I wrote I think about three weeks ago and never hit PUBLISH on so it just sat there as a draft....sigh! I'll be crossing my fingers that this post actually makes it out pre-2016! (It sounds so weird to me to even say it's 2015 now!)

Here are my Xmas exchange peices. Above is the one I received from Rosa, it has beautifully delicate pink beads on it. And below are the two I sent out. I really liked the LK stocking, and it was my first time finishing one. I think I will be stitching that one again for myself!
Hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start, with all your resolutions still in tact!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Guess who's done! Finally! WooHoo--happy dance--happy dance--happy dance!
I did enjoy stitching Mr. Claus, nice colors, beautiful beading, easy chart to follow. I am just not a one project at a time gal! I like to stitch a little of this and a little of that, and finishing something in the same year I started it is unheard of for me! Here is my friend that I stitched it for and I holding the finished project, she loved it and was so glad to have it out on display for this Christmas season. 
If I don't manage to post again before then, I hope everyone out there is on the nice list and has a very Merry Christmas! Here's a last photo of my littlest elf under the tree.
"I wasn't touching those ornaments mom!"

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Halloween exchanges and general stitchy updates

Above is my exchange I sent out to Kim M. through the HOE blog for the Halloween exchange. It is Prarie Schooler from the Trick or Treat chart. I love this little ornament. You may remember I stitched the bigger design off of the chart for myself, and in the bigger version the cat has on a little skeleton costume.  And looking back at my blog I don't think I ever posted a picture of that finish, i'll have to remember to do that next week, I loved this design.

And this is what I recieved from the Halloween exchange from Becky. It is a Nicole Farrauto "Petite Halloween Sampler" from the JCS Halloween 2014 issue. I love the black cat in the pumpkin patch!  
And my progress on Mirabilia's Santa. Almost there, his coat/cuffs look alot better this week, and I have been working on filling in his mittens and beard with all that white. Next will be his face and all that beading (but that's the fun part it makes it look so sparkly!)

And my own little Christmas ornament from JCS, by Ink Circles. Coming along but slowly. 

We are still moving houses this week. This weekend we moved 10 truckfulls of stuff from one house to the other. It was a lot of hard work, and I am so sore today. My back and arms are killing me! It is so exciting seeing everything come together in the new house, Also overwhelming though the amount of stuff we still have to move!