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Saturday, October 22, 2016

State fair fun!

 We went to the state fair this week, after me feeling under the weather for most of the week. The fair is only open until Halloween, so I didn't want to risk missing it. I actually was feeling so sick I didn't accomplish any stitching of my own this week (you know it's bad when I don't even want to lift a needle!) But I have lots of pretty stitching to show you from the fair. Above is two of the quilts I loved. Lots of gorgeous quilting, but they hang the bigger quilts from the rafters so people won't touch them and it makes it hard to get good pictures of them. Aren't the fall colors in these two beautiful?
 Here is a wall of some of the cross stitching and needlepoint. I loved the fabric used on the snowman circle in the middle. It was hand dyed and had spots of white that looked just like snow against the chilly blue. And isn't that icy white frame perfect for it?
Fjord ponies by Ink Circles. I loved seeing the variegated blues on this one, and the stitching was so delicate. Beautiful sampler.

Let's be Wicked-- I think this one is an Ursula Michael's design right? Didn't she do a bunch of word designs for one of the cross stitch magazines? Anyway, I love anything Halloween so this was right up my alley.

Oh, I forgot the name of this sampler, but it was amazing to see up close! The colors were gorgeous together, and the linen looked so delicate, I couldn't even guess how high a count this was stitched on. It definitely deserved a blue ribbon.

And here is one of my favorites. I actually have this chart in my own stash, and seeing her in person made my fingers itch to pull it out. They finished it as a stand-up display, and the beading on it was perfect. Even my girls had to ooh and aah over it before dragging me back outside to the rides and fry bread (the southwest version of funnel cakes kind of)

 Another blue ribbon piece. They didn't include the name of this design on their entry tag. Maybe a Teresa Wentzler? Solid stitching, and a great design.
And not cross stitch, but from the fine arts section. I really liked this mixed media collage. It was made mostly of wood and wood chips and was 3-D. Looked like the little owl was flying right off of the piece. So fun seeing what other artists create and what they make it out of (I guess not everyone loves needles and threads!)
Lastly I had to share my spooky thrifting haul from today. I love Goodwill and any second hand store, finding unique stuff for cheap is a thrill for me. I found two older Stephen King books, I am working on building a collection of the hard covers of all of his novels. It has been a while since I read these two particular titles. You know what my favorite part of used books is? Finding other people's inscriptions, or notes in the margins, or even just folded over pages that makes me wonder if they ever even finished the book. Also Roald Dahl's Ghost Stories. My middle daughter and I have read all of his children's novels, and this is a collection by him of other authors spooky tales. I look forward to sharing it with her. We also found a really nice pocket watch for the same daughter. She is dressing up as Alice in Wonderland this Halloween, and has a little white rabbit to carry with her. So the pocket watch will be attached to the white rabbit's vest as part of his costume. And I found a very nice running jacket for myself. Not that it has been cold enough to need one yet here in Arizona, but I have been running and enjoying the slightly cooler fall temps already. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Mornings

I woke up at two this morning, and tossed and turned for a bit until finally I just gave up and went and put in a movie and stitched for a bit. Daisies is done, but I wanted to get it in the frame before showing it off here. So back to some Halloween stitching (and hopefully finishing!) Above is my Drawn Thread piece, i'd say it's about 50% done. Only four or five colors in this which I like, I am stitching all the ghosts and skeletons in glow in the dark white. Maybe this will be this weeks finish?

And here is what I did with the rest of my early morning. I worked up two new vision boards for myself. One having to do with my goal of running a 10 minute mile by the end of the year (and hopefully a half marathon in January). The other for my goal of losing 35% of my body weight. I tried to pick images that represent healthy instead of just thin. Cause for me, i'll probably never be "skinny" I just want to fit back into size 8 jeans. I will also never again be a 20 year old in a bikini, but I hope to make 40 look good! 

I also ran 3 miles this morning with my favorite border collie. I have added an extra mile to our neighborhood runs, with an eye towards the half marathon and I have to laugh at how upset both my running partners are at the change to the route. I run with Mary, the above border collie mix and our foster dog who is part shepherd/part lab. So both reasonably smart dogs. On the runs they know where we turn at, and when we ran past the street they both tried to turn me around and "herd" me in the right direction. Don't worry, they are both young and healthy dogs so the extra mile is not going to kill either of them (though I can't say I make it look easy!)

And here is a project I have been playing around with this weekend. The design is "Little Bee" by Lizzie Kate. I finished stitching it earlier this summer, and now have an idea to turn it into a pillow. I saw the fabric (Moda: Bee Creative) and thought how perfect for my pillow. So my idea is to make a hexagon pattern with the fabric to make it look like a honeycomb around my cross stitched piece. In my head it looks fabulous, we will see if my sewing skills are up for the challenge. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Change and Indecision 2017

I'll start my post with happy thoughts today, something that never causes me stress and soothes my frayed nerves- cross stitch of course! Here is my progress on "Fresh as a Daisy", those squares around the outside are so boring to stitch and hard to even see in this photo, but I think they will really make a difference against the light grey frame I picked for this piece. Eager to get this done!

I'm going to blather for a bit now about my first world problem of the week, so if your just here for the stitching maybe skip ahead! It's time to order a new planner for next year. 2017 is coming up quick! This is the first year I have really committed to using a planner, and I have to say I LOVE IT, it has become such a huge part of my day. And i'm not one of those ladies who decorate their planner, and color code my to do list, and add in a ton of stickers. There are some beautifully decorated planners and journals out there, but mine is strictly business. With three kids all in different schools, a husband who works, a full time job of my own, pets who have appointments and schedules of their own, and a house to keep afloat believe me I need some glue to hold it all together. And my planner is the glue to my daily schedule. My husband asked why I don't just use my phone, and occasionally I will save a to do list or shopping list on my phone, but I love having a book I can look back on, and see my weeks/months all in one place. It goes everywhere with me. So my planner this year was a Kitlife planner, It had a page for every day, and goal setting pages, and a nice sturdy laminated cover (that I could tape quotes on to my hearts content). My problem is that I HATE the cover designs for 2017, I just couldn't see carrying it around with me, all three options they offered looked gaudy. Soooo after much stress over it, and watching all the reviews on youtube (there are thousands!), and comparing planners over and over again, I have made the switch to an Erin Condren planner for next year. They didn't have daily page views, but did have a zillion cover options and options for the colors inside the planner, and a whole cult of planner devotees so I am hoping for the best. I am so nervous though waiting for it to arrive so I can compare it to what I have used and loved this year. For something I will use every day, several times a day for the next 365 days I better love it! Do you use a planner, or journal, or daily to do list? Any suggestions? Anyone out there with an Erin Condren that can reassure me they are as awesome as all the reviews say they are? 
As a disclosure neither company is even aware I exist or paid/gave me anything to write any of the above blather. I'm just a mom who struggles with picking planners.

And if you're wondering about the quote I have taped to the front of this years planners, it is from American author David Foster Wallace from a commencement speech "This is Water". It reminds me to stay mindful and grateful in my day to day hamster wheel. There is a wonderful you tube video with his speech here. He talks about going to the grocery store when you are tired and hungry and just sick of  being an adult, and remembering to have empathy for others and not get stuck in the mindset that "I am the center of the universe", Something that I think is very important *and sometimes very hard* to remember.

 I'll end with a funny family story- I have a "secret" baby! My youngest is almost three now, and each night before he goes to bed we talk about our family and who loves him: "Daddy loves you, mommy loves you, sisters loves you and so on". So I heard him going through his list as daddy was putting him to bed, and he says "sisters love me, baby loves me, nana loves me.." and I hear my husband say "BABY? what baby?". I had to laugh, and explain to my husband that there is no baby. My youngest always points to the family stickers on my car and names who it is, and like every toddler he knows he's not a baby anymore so when he gets to the baby stickers he just calls it "baby". My husband was relieved to hear that we would not be adding another baby to our bunch, and I guess its time for me to buy a little boy sticker for my car (though he is still of course my little baby!)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

I only thought it was done

So I thought I had "Fresh as a Daisy" finished this weekend, all the violets in the center are beaded,and initial added. But then I put it in the frame and realized it was not complete. On the chart there is a very subtle checkerboard stitched around the outside of the daisies. Well I left it off thinking it barely showed anyways. Now that I have it in the frame though (excuse the wrinkles it's not ironed yet or laced) I think it needs the little extra to help fill out the frame. So I will be spending tonight stitching endless boring squares around my daisies, but will at least feel better about my finish once they are done.

Here is a bit of our Halloween decor this year. This is the wall of our dining room. On the far left is an skull from a pattern I got off etsy, and then handcut the matting for. In the oval frame is Trick or Treat fairy by Nora Corbett, on the top right is a Barbara Ana design "Spooky Tree" that I stitched in 2012 and is still one of my favorites (I hand dyed the linen for it also), and on the bottom is one of my oldest Halloween stitches, a Jim Shore design "Halloween Trio". On the shelf above it I have the matching figurine for it. 

Here is our Halloween couch, I stitched the four pillows last year, from left to right there is a pirate, a pumpkin, a black cat, and a mummy. In the center is a Trilogy Design "Sneak Peak".

And last but not least our very spooky powder room, done up in lots of glow in the dark skulls. On the shelf is a Lizzie Kate bonus chart from her 2012 Halloween sampler. The shower curtain has lots of glow in the dark ghosts on it, plus the spider soap dispenser glows, and the skulls on the mirror I painted with glow in the dark paint. Our toddler keeps trying to take everyone in there and shut the door so he can show off the spookiness. 

In the midst of all the Halloween decorating I have been getting ready to stitch up some Christmas ornaments. I hand dyed the linen I am using for them, and just have to brag about how great it turned out. I used RIT liquid dye in "graphite" for a chalkboard effect, and I love the color. It is not quite as variegated as it would have been if I had spent the $$ on over-dyed fabric, but for something small like ornaments it will do just fine!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fabulous days of Fall

Much slower progress this week with finishing WIPs. I only completed the LK above (Love Crazy chart), which only needed a letter frogged out and the flower centers filled in. I am happy to move it out of my stitching basket. The linen is so dirty though, this one is an older WIP that sat untouched for many years because I ran out of a certain thread. While I store my WIPs each in their own bag this one is a little dingy. I am hesitant to wash it though as it is all WDW over-dyed threads and I worry about how much they will bleed. So I am hemming and hawing now over what to do with it.
Though finishing the LK puts me at 12 finishes so far, so I can't be too disappointed in my week. Only one more finish needed this year to reach my goal of clearing out 25% of my stitching baskets! Above is "Flower Bed" by the Trilogy, which now has a tail-less bunny added, a beakless/feetless birdie, and two wingless bumblebees buzzing amongst the flowers. I have a good feeling this will be one of my finishes next week.  

And here is "Fresh as a Daisy" by Cricket Collection. All I need to do is the centers of the violets, add my initial to the center, and stitch the vines between the daisies. Fingers crossed this will be my second finish next week. Funny that I am stitching so much Springtime in the middle of my favorite season Fall.  
Last but not least is my big project I am trying to get done. Another LK "Halloween Rules". This project is at least 3 or four years old, and I love love love the design. Lots of little fill in stitching left to do, but I am hoping this will be a Halloween finish.

For non-stitching goals I have been doing good this week also. I ran a 10:45 minute mile tonight with my favorite border collie. My goal for the end of the year is a 10 minute mile. The weather here only gets nicer from here, but it does get dark out earlier each day, and it is harder for me to run in the mornings after work (still on night shift this year). 

Hope you week is going well and you are loving the fall weather as much as I am. It is so nice to be able to open our windows and let fresh air into the house after running the air conditioner for months on end. If it's getting colder where you are, stay cozy!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stitching Rock Star

That's how I feel this week! Like a cross stitching rock star all I need now are some leather pants! I buckled down and finished 11 projects last week! Or 20% of my WIP basket. My goal was to finish 25% of my stitching basket by the end of the year, which means only 3 more projects to get done and I will have met my goal. I'm not going to update my goal just yet, as a lot of the projects still in my basket are larger and will take me a little longer to finish. Above is Fall Fields by Prairie Schooler, all he needed were some branches and the grass finished but he had been in my stitching basket for 2 years now!

Country Poppies by Cedar Hill. I had to finish a few letters and the flower stems. This one I purchased as a WIP off of ebay, such a pretty design I just had to finish it!

Haunted a Tingles chart by Lizzie Kate. I didn't fully finish this one, I left out the chimney and smoke on top of the house. Also I changed just about every color except black on the chart. I LOVE stitching Lizzie Kate, but for some reason this one was more of a chore to finish. 

Another Tingles chart by Lizzie Kate, and this one I did love stitching. It took me 2 or 3 days to do all of the stitching, all I needed to do to finish it was attach the silly spider buttons, and you know how long it took me to do that? About 6 months cause I didn't want to dig out a beading needle!

Cardinal Pincushion, by Just Another Button Co.
All I had left to finish this was two little stitches on his wing, and all of the back stitching. I left off all of the buttons, as I like him better plain.

Little Brown Dog, by Bent Creek. Not thrilled with the thread I used as it looks very stripey on his face. But this is a small project, and I am not going to lose sleep over it. 

Blackbird Trellis by Plum Street Samplers. I loved the unique roses on this one, and am so glad I changed the thread the trellis was supposed to be stitched with. I used WDW Baby's Breath, and it turned out with some nice variegation on the trellis but still soft. 

Lizzie Kate Halloween Sampler. Another project I love, that has sat in my stitching basket for too long! All I needed  to do was attach those beads and buttons, but I was too lazy to dig out my needles. I hand dyed this linen, and it turned out a very pretty grey-ish lavender. 

Snowman by The Trilogy. Love the checkerboard effect, and the the little snow-globe he is holding. Excited to have this one up on my tree this year.

This one I didn't count in my original tally of all of my WIPS as it was already done, but I never posted it here, and it was a long timer in my stitching basket. Prairie Schooler "Autumn Leaves". I have the original chart for this, and have heard not good things about the reprints they are releasing. I always make a working copy of my charts, but still enjoy having the nicer original in my stash. 

Another Lizzie Kate small ornament, all I had left to do on this one was the tree to the left of the words. I left off the red buttons on the tree cause they seemed too big, I thought about doing french knots instead but kind of like my tree naked instead!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stitching stash part deux

So my other two stitching baskets held 31 more WIPs, so with my main basket's total of 18 that means I have *choke *cough *umm 49 cross stitch pieces in progress right now. How the heck did that happen! So to meet my 4th quarter goal of 25% done I need to finish 13 of them, or a little over 4 a month for the next 3 months. So much math for my little brain! But I feel hopeful, and motivated. I think I can I think I can I think I can! Below are the photos of the rest of my projects. Most of them still have more than 50% done, some just need back stitching or the last few stitches put in. A few are more than a decade old.

Someone make me feel better, how many WIPs do you have in your stitchy basket? I have a friend who when I told her how many I had just made it worse by saying she only worked on one project at a time. I can't remember how many years it has been since I only had one project going!

Daisies - lost the chart unknown designer
 Daisies, I think the pattern was out of a magazine, and I remember loaning the pattern to my sister, who never gave it back. I only have some back stitching left to do, so I am hoping I can just wing it! This has been in my basket for over 10 years now!
Santa Stamp - by Dimensions Gold Collection
Santa Stamp by Dimension's Gold Collection. This one I just started last year.

Another long timer, and I LOVE this design! It is Autumn Sampler by Janlynn. I have all four of these kits. I messed up the middle portion and got discouraged. Can you see I had a helper for my photo? This WIP has to be at least 8 years old!

Another screw up that got put away. It is Birds of A Feather "Remember Me" I miscounted on the skeleton stitching, and just moved right on to the next project. I can tell how old my projects are because I used to tape the edges of the fabric (*gasp*) instead of sewing them.

"The Bunny Run Around", I hand dyed this fabric and it is the perfect shade of spring green, but still a long long way to go on this one!

Another oldie, I think this may be my oldest project. A Dimensions kit, at least 12 years old by now! Still love the design, even if it is stitched on scratchy Aida.

This was someone else's WIP, because I don't have enough of my own. I loved the design though, so I bought it with the best of intentions to finish it. Sigh...someday.

Another large Gold Collection kit "Dana's Roses", a more recent start I think it was started just last summer. Very dense stitching on this one.

"Petal Fairy" by Mirabilia. I actually started this project twice, the first time I didn't calculate how much fabric I would need correctly and stitched right off the edge of it!

"Angel of Summer" by Lavender and Lace. Again someone else's WIP that I just couldn't leave unfinished.

"Shaekespeares Fairies". I love this design but hate the linen I chose. I may restart this on better linen, though I hate to throw away so much stitching. This may sit in my WIP pile for a while longer while I consider it.

"Apples" by Mirabilia. This one is at least three years old. The colors of the mountains didn't match the photo on the chart, so I got frustrated with it and set it aside. Still love the design though.

Lizzie Kate Halloween. I stitched them on different colors of Aida and meant to stitch them all together eventually, 4 of them are started so far.

Bent Creek "The Brown Dog". I ran out of the thread I needed to finish his head (hey that rhymes!)

Prairie Schooler "Fall Fields", all I need to do is finish the grass under his paws (what is wrong with me that I can't put in ten more stitches!)

Bent Creek "Winter Row" Another one i'm not sure if I will finish. It doesn't show up as well on the linen I dyed for it, plus there is a spot right in the middle that I can't wash out.

"Autumn Cats" another WIP I bought off of ebay cause I just couldn't stand to leave it unfinished. Only a few more leaves needed on this one. Our leaves don't change color here (what leaves, we have cactus!) So I love the thought of crunchy piles of fallen leaves.

Lizzie Kate "Tingles" Just the yard and some of the house to finish on this one. I have four other ornaments stitched on the same fabric as this so I NEED to finish it so I can actually cut it apart.

Another LONGTIMER, that I still LOVE. Blackbird Designs "Midnight Watch". This linen, while a beautiful color is a little hard to stitch on.

"Happy Halloween" by With Thy Needle and Thread

A small part of the Janlynn kit that I wanted to make an ornament out of. All I need to do is the back-stitching on her.

I'm not sure the name of this one by Evermore designs. I didn't like how his wings were showing up on the darker linen.

Bent Creek "Uber Turkey" Still love it, just got to buckle down and finish it!

Lizzie Kate "Love Crazy" Just need to finish the flowers and unpick the O so it matches the other letters.

The Trilogy "Flower Bed", I had kind of forgotten I had this one!

"Lovebird" by Just another button co. All I need to do is some back stitching, and two little stitches on his wing!

Cedar Hill "Country Poppies" Another WIP I bought off of ebay. Only a few more letters to go!

Lizzie Kate "Naughty" Just need to stitch the tree to the left of the words.

Cricket Collection "Fresh as a Daisy" I started this over one, and now need to unpick the flowers that I did in the smaller stitches.

Bent Creek "Glad Tidings" need to finish the wreath and add some buttons.

A new start Satsuma Street "Halloween Cat"