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Friday, April 8, 2016

Opinions please....

I have taken a quick break from my stitching rotation to pull this one out of my UFO basket. Why was such a small and pretty chart a UFO you ask? Well silly me did not buy enough thread, or even write down the name of the thread I had used for the pink of the letters. So I kept taking this with me in hopes of finding a match at the needlework shop and never did. Finally last week (after ahem EIGHT YEARS of this sitting in my basket) I just gave up! I went in my box of DMC and found the closest color I could, and you know what? Even I can't tell the difference now that it's done. By the way it was only the outer pink of the V that I didn't have enough of the original pink to finish. How silly of me to wait this long! So here is the opinion question.... See how the O is half filled in with ecru? Should I do the other letters  the same way or just leave them unfilled? The ecru kind of gives it a softer look, but it also makes the letters stand out less. I can't decide. 

And here is my other short project for this week. Prairie Schooler "Bump in the night" I have an idea to do all of these and another chart on a big piece of linen, and I am kind of liking the purple background. This one will just be a small ornament for my Halloween decor. 

And here is our newest foster "Ryder", he is a shepherd mix that was from the county pound. He was on the euthanasia list for the four days before we rescued him (for a dog that's sick it is amazing they let him live that long). He has what many of our fosters have had, a mange that is not contagious to dogs or people but causes them to lose their hair. I understand it would be hard for a shelter to adopt out a half bald dog, but I hate to see sweet dogs killed for something that is easily treatable. It takes about two months for them to grow back their hair. He is such a sweet dog too!