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Friday, August 22, 2014

Last days of summer....

I don't know why my pictures look so blurry, it is frustrating the heck out of me! But I figured if I waited to straighten it out, my next post would be in December! Whew, babies keep you busy! Girls are back in school and loving it so far, my oldest is in junior high this year which just seems impossible. 
My newest stitch is above, Prairie Schooler "Autumn Leaves". I love the colors in it. It doesn't yet feel like fall here, we have had massive monsoon storms come through this month, so it has been nice to see the rain again.

This is my snails progress on Mirabilia Santa. My goal is to have him off to the framers by October. As you can see I have started on all the grey/white in his beard and finished off the holly behind his head. His face will be the last thing I do, as I am making some changes to the colors. I do love the collage maker I found on line, it is fun to see the before/afters!