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Saturday, October 28, 2017

"I'll have your guts for garters girl!"

Ha, I couldn't think of a good title, and we have been watching all of our favorite Halloween movies this month- do you remember which one this is from? 

Halloween is fast approaching, and I have been trying to catch up on my Halloween finishing to no avail! Christina of Whilst Iris Naps and I did a Halloween exchange this year. Below is what she sent me, and her finishing is as usual gorgeous. The linen is a light dusty purple, and the ruched black trim edging is just awesome. Do you see the little purple spider button at the very top too? 

And here are all the extra goodies she sent me. Three Crescent Colors threads in some beautiful oranges, a cute little pair of orange scissors, a drawn thread chart, and the fabric in the back the skulls are actually glittery (you can't see it in my photo). 

 And here is what I sent off. I made a project bag using Vonna's tutorial on Youtube. I have made two of these now for myself, and like using them much more than the gallon ziploc bags I was using before. The little pumpkin pins were from Target, a Lizzie Kate Halloween pattern, a pair of scissors with cute pumpkins on them, and my stitched piece. My stitched piece was another LK pattern, and I edged the little pillow and made the hangar out of some black chain I found at Hobby Lobby. I thought it was unique for a Halloween finish.
So October is always a busy month for us. I think I decorate more for Halloween than I maybe do for Christmas! Also the AZ state fair comes to town, and while I normally try and enter a stitched piece this year I did not have anything framed and worthy of going. So I'll show you everyone else's lovely work. Below is an Ink Circles design "Cirque Des Cercles". I have seen this before, but stitched on that dark linen with the beautiful variegated gold it is just breathtaking. 

I don't know the name of the following stitches, but enjoyed seeing the variety of what everyone is stitching. I think it is good for the public to see too, that cross stitching has all these beautiful different styles and is not just a grandmothers hobby.

I am hoping to get one more post in pre-Halloween, I have lots more to show before having to put it all away for next year. I had a discussion with my husband that some people start Christmas decorating at the beginning of November, so why couldn't we just leave our Halloween decorations up until the end of November? He shook his head, but seemed to understand my love of all things spooky.


Kay said...

Beautiful exchanges. I am happy to have found your blog today over on the sidebar of Butterfly-Wings. I am now a new follower with Bloglovin'. x

gracie said...

Very nice exchange. I am surprised you did not enter our fair this year. Your stitching is worthy of entry . I am not much of decorating the holidays except for Christmas which I usually have up from the 1st to the 31st.

Julie said...

Great exchange, lovely things you both included in your parcels
Talented stitchers work you have shown.

Heritage Hall said...

Just love the Ink Circle design - the orginal kits looks like a darker
variegated gold was used...like this one more... do you know what fibres were used? Many thanks.

diamondc said...

Beautiful exchanges you both have, thank-you for sharing the stitched and framed pieces from the fair.

Happy Halloween

Christina said...

Stephanie, I absolutely LOVED what you sent me! Your stitched piece took centre stage on my Halloween tree and got so many lovely comments. I use my project bag every day. It's currently holding the Halloween sampler that I didn't get stitched in time for the holiday...oops. I'm so pleased that you like what I sent for you too. Your Halloween decorating is incredible. Yep, leave it up until the end of November! 😉

Astrids dragon said...

What a wonderful exchange, you both came out winners!
The stitching from the fair is so beautiful, I really love the fall one.
And as of today, my decorations are still up!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wonderful exchange, so many lovely goodies in each parcel.
Do you watch FlossTube at all? A stitcher called McKenna went to the Arizona State Fair, she won a prize or two as well. Her video was very interesting to watch to see the wide variety of styles on display.