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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Countdown!

Six more days until Halloween! EEK! This is a Lizzie Kate one obviously. I love the plain black against the purple fabric. Someone asked how many Halloween pieces I actually had. I would guesstimate that I have probably stitched about 20 small ornaments and about 5 larger pieces? I also have probably about 10 Halloween/Fall pieces that others have stitched and I have received via exchanges or found in antique/second hand stores. This weekend I will have to drag out my WIP box (I have a seperate one for Halloween) and take some pics of the ones that may or may not be finished in time for Halloween. I am still stiching Halloween stuff, but I also had a lot of small projects that just needed finishing and doing this little month of blogging has really helped me to get stuff put together and out on display! Someone also asked if I was going to be doing a Christmas countdown. While I love stitching Christmas ornaments too, I sadly only have two stitched ornaments to my name for Christmas because most of my Christmas stitching gets given away as presents. I do always enjoy going to family's houses and seeing my little ornaments on their trees. I also like knowing that my gifts are unique and hand-made and that I put some thought into what types of ornaments they would like.
And this was my mommy-project for the day. Do you see the orange pumpkin on the left side of her shirt? That little pumpkin was once attatched to the front of a chocolate stained mess of a shirt that had been through several of my oldest daughters Halloween adventures and was passed down to my youngest pictured here. She wanted to wear said mess of a shirt out last week and I said NO WAY it's more brown than orange, which ended in tears and "but I love this pumpkin!". Soooo I wound up promising I would use the pumpkin to make a new shirt. Which would have been easy if I hadn't sewn the front of the shirt to the back on my first attempt! This is my finished effort though, little Zoe is happy and the sequined pumpkin lives to see another Halloween.
Another pic of the pumpkin shirt, and of some of our outdoor Halloween decor. I have been meaning to get a photo of the whole front yard, we are the most decorated house on our block! For now though just our watch cats, I tell the girls they guard our front door from any ghosts or goblins.


Barb said...

Such a very cute little girl! Great Lizzie Kate ornament!

Lesleyanne said...

Your daughter looks lovely. Great L*K ornie.

gracie said...

Zoe looks so cute. Love the black cats!It has been fun to check in daily to see your Halloween countdown.

Melinda said...

Your blog is so much fun. I will so miss your daily updates, once Halloween arrives. Love the t-shirt, and was laughing,sewing back to front is Something I for one would do.

Thanks for sharing

Linda said...

I love the L*K ornament on the purple fabric. What a great hat your daughter is wearing and love the cats guarding the door. We don't decorate for Halloween but go all out for christmas.