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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Countdown!

More state fair photos, but this time of actual cross stitch....
This was Maya's entry into the fair. She is nine this year and this was her first cross stitch. I helped her finish it into a pillow, but she actually did all the stitching herself. She won a blue ribbon again this year. Last year she had sewn a Hello Kitty purse out of felt/yarn and got a blue ribbon too.
These are some of the other state fair entries in cross stitch that were my favorites....
Another Mirabilia "Halloween Fairy". I loved seeing this one in person, I had been eyeing the chart already.
This one was not just cross stitching but a lot of black-work embroidery too (is it still called black-work if it is in different colors?)
This one was a crocheted blanket that had cross stitching on each of the squares. It was in youth division, which makes me wonder how old this talented stitcher was.
Not cross stitch, but I loved this miniature trailer. The outside of it was corrugated cardboard. I loved all the tiny details inside of it too.
And just a cute small to finish with. I normally am not a fan of chickens, but this one was too cute.


CalamityJr said...

It's fun getting a peek at the cross stitch entries, but especially Maya's prize winner! Congratulations to her!

Melody said...

Big congratulations to Miss Maya! What a beautiful job for such a young stitcher. Tell her to keep it up...she's got talent :)