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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween countdown!

Only 10 more days! How has Halloween crept up on me so fast! I'm not even done decorating yet. I'm also not ready for all the busy-ness of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

This piece I actually found in an antique shop. It is a quilted wall hanging with all 4 seasons on it. This is just the fall square. It obviously took a lot of work, and the border is nicely quilted too. I love good cross stitch finds, but it does make me a little sad to see someone's hard work for sale. This is done on Aida, and is obviously an older design but I still like it.


Barb said...

It's very cute! I agree, I always feel bad when I see someone's work in a shop.When my MIL passed away, we got all kinds of pretty hand work because no one else in the family wanted any of them. That was lucky for us!

Lesleyanne said...

It is lovely. Such a shame to see somebody's stitching for sale I agree.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

i actually really like this piece - country and quirky - cute.

Melinda said...

You do find some wonderful things in your travels. Sad it is in a shop for sale, but now it has a wonderful home.