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Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Countdown!

Back to the Halloween cute today. This one is "Trick or Treat" out of a Sample the Seasons book I purchased some years ago at Michael's. I stitched this on Aida, before I had ever stitched on anything else. I had stitched for years before I discovered blogging, and had gotten most of my kits and fabric from craft stores instead of actual needlework stores. I would say finding blogging, and all the awesome inspiration and tips/tricks/skill that is out there improved my stitching by leaps and bounds. The second thing that improved my stitching was finding an actual needlework store where I could go and ask questions and see different techniques in person. I still remember asking what the heck evenweave was, and why was it called stitching over one. And they were always nice enough to show me! Was there ever a turning point in your stitching? Where you discovered there were other thread than DMC (not that I don't still love plain old DMC) or fabric other than 14ct white Aida? Or even when you figured out that you didn't have to just buy cross stitch kits? Really for me that turning point was only within the last five years, and I have probably been stitching for close to 20!


Barb said...

A really cute design!! I like Halloween cute not too scary! I think the blogs have helped all of us.

Carolyn @ The Baseball Stitcher said...

I *thought* I knew a lot when I used to stitch years ago but getting back into it now I'm discovering all sorts of new things! Blogs have been soooo helpful. I just learned what frogging is! LOL! It kinda made it fun the first time I pulled out stitches last week knowing I had a cute term to call it. That lasted for 3 minutes.

The best thing I ever did was 25 years ago when I went into a local cross stitch store and showed the owner what I was doing. She spent SO much time with me and taught me so much at that time.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

My Mum was into needlework and had lots of projects not finished - so I started out helping her finish some of hers - she had a bit of everything mainly from England - but surprisingly no silks - learnt about silks about a year ago, after it came in a kit I bought. I would love to be able to finish my stitching into lovely little things like everyone else and this is where the blogging world is helping me. Yay for the world of blogging!

Mouse said...

oooo cute projects you have been stitching and finishing .... I have learnt sooo much over the last few years from blog land and being in yahoo groups as well .... not stitched on aida (apart from one tiny piece this year) for ten years .. and never again either ..lol love mouse xxxx

Melinda said...

Loveing your Halloween Cuties, and I have to agree with you, I think Blogging has done the most wonderful things for me too - I have been stitching for years, but it is amazing the things I have tried and learned from blogging. It is even more than the techniques with just finding out how I am not so different from other women has been a wonderful thing

Lana said...

This design is SOOO cute!!! I'm with you on the "Discovery" thing!! It wasn't until I started blogging 7 years ago I realized really HOW much you can do with this craft!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

For me discovering forums and blogging was the biggest leap forward.
I found evenweave and speciality stitches quite early on thanks to my LNS and the Olympia shows. Back in the 90s magazines even used evenweave for their cover kits unlike the cash-strapped 00's!
The biggest change I've made over the last year is to become a serial starter rather than a OAATer. I do prefer OAAT but then I'd miss out on all the RRs and SALs!