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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween witches and ghouls and ghosties..oh my!

 I attached the final beads to this last week, and am happy to have it out and done for this Halloween. Now just to finish the other 2 Lizzie Kate Halloween pieces I have in my stitching basket.
Since that one was done, I reached in my basket for another WIP to try and finish, and this one "Kitchen Sampler" for some reason just called to me. I didn't even have it properly kitted up, so had to dig for all the threads I needed. This piece actually started as someone else's WIP, the bottom third was stitched already (and beautifully done) so I just had to finish it! It is an older chart, with lots of back-stitching in it (yuck! but doesn't it make it look great once it's done!)

 And here is "Daisies" finally framed up and finished. It's hard to see in the the photo but I added gold beads to the center of each little violet in the middle. I am also very glad I convinced myself to add the checkerboard edging I was originally going to leave off. It is subtle, but I think it looks very nice against the light gray frame.
And here is our family pumpkin carving, and yes I am wearing cat ears (why shouldn't a middle aged woman get to dress up a bit!). I love everything about the Halloween season, but can I make a small confession here? I am secretly excited to put it all away tomorrow, and have the house be back to clean and simple for a month before all the Christmas decorations go up.


Mouse said...

love your LK finish and your Daisies too and yes it does add to the finshed peice ... lovely to see you and yours with the pumpkins too :)
enjoy your new wip it is a lovely project :) love mouse xxxxx

Julie said...

Lovely stitching finishes.
Nice pic of you and your family celebrating halloween

Von said...

Beautiful finishes!

Melinda Forbes said...

My house looks so bare without the Halloween stuff up now, I am thinking I really need to work on some November Decorations, I love the Autumn colors and wonder why I have so little Autumn stitching.

Your finish looks wonderful - and I do love the "Older" WIP you picked up to stitch

Shelly said...

Nice finish. My LK may turn into a UFO if I'm not careful! Super job on the pumpkins. Is that one vomiting?! Lol. I love Halloween but yeah, time to put away all the decorations!

Brigitte said...

Such beautiful stitchy finishes. These daisies are so lovely.
Very successful pumpkin carving :))

Heather said...

Beautiful finishes and pics :) I still dress up full-out for Halloween :)