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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Change and Indecision 2017

I'll start my post with happy thoughts today, something that never causes me stress and soothes my frayed nerves- cross stitch of course! Here is my progress on "Fresh as a Daisy", those squares around the outside are so boring to stitch and hard to even see in this photo, but I think they will really make a difference against the light grey frame I picked for this piece. Eager to get this done!

I'm going to blather for a bit now about my first world problem of the week, so if your just here for the stitching maybe skip ahead! It's time to order a new planner for next year. 2017 is coming up quick! This is the first year I have really committed to using a planner, and I have to say I LOVE IT, it has become such a huge part of my day. And i'm not one of those ladies who decorate their planner, and color code my to do list, and add in a ton of stickers. There are some beautifully decorated planners and journals out there, but mine is strictly business. With three kids all in different schools, a husband who works, a full time job of my own, pets who have appointments and schedules of their own, and a house to keep afloat believe me I need some glue to hold it all together. And my planner is the glue to my daily schedule. My husband asked why I don't just use my phone, and occasionally I will save a to do list or shopping list on my phone, but I love having a book I can look back on, and see my weeks/months all in one place. It goes everywhere with me. So my planner this year was a Kitlife planner, It had a page for every day, and goal setting pages, and a nice sturdy laminated cover (that I could tape quotes on to my hearts content). My problem is that I HATE the cover designs for 2017, I just couldn't see carrying it around with me, all three options they offered looked gaudy. Soooo after much stress over it, and watching all the reviews on youtube (there are thousands!), and comparing planners over and over again, I have made the switch to an Erin Condren planner for next year. They didn't have daily page views, but did have a zillion cover options and options for the colors inside the planner, and a whole cult of planner devotees so I am hoping for the best. I am so nervous though waiting for it to arrive so I can compare it to what I have used and loved this year. For something I will use every day, several times a day for the next 365 days I better love it! Do you use a planner, or journal, or daily to do list? Any suggestions? Anyone out there with an Erin Condren that can reassure me they are as awesome as all the reviews say they are? 
As a disclosure neither company is even aware I exist or paid/gave me anything to write any of the above blather. I'm just a mom who struggles with picking planners.

And if you're wondering about the quote I have taped to the front of this years planners, it is from American author David Foster Wallace from a commencement speech "This is Water". It reminds me to stay mindful and grateful in my day to day hamster wheel. There is a wonderful you tube video with his speech here. He talks about going to the grocery store when you are tired and hungry and just sick of  being an adult, and remembering to have empathy for others and not get stuck in the mindset that "I am the center of the universe", Something that I think is very important *and sometimes very hard* to remember.

 I'll end with a funny family story- I have a "secret" baby! My youngest is almost three now, and each night before he goes to bed we talk about our family and who loves him: "Daddy loves you, mommy loves you, sisters loves you and so on". So I heard him going through his list as daddy was putting him to bed, and he says "sisters love me, baby loves me, nana loves me.." and I hear my husband say "BABY? what baby?". I had to laugh, and explain to my husband that there is no baby. My youngest always points to the family stickers on my car and names who it is, and like every toddler he knows he's not a baby anymore so when he gets to the baby stickers he just calls it "baby". My husband was relieved to hear that we would not be adding another baby to our bunch, and I guess its time for me to buy a little boy sticker for my car (though he is still of course my little baby!)


butterfly said...

Lovely stitching .
I can't live without a planner to keep every thing wrote down .
I keep one just for my blog too.

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, you are right, this kind of border is just boring to stitch. But it looks so nice.
I don't have planners any more since I am retired. But what I still have is a stitching diary where I write down everything related to my needlework. And it's a lot of fun.

Julie said...

I have couple of notebooks I use, one for stitching etc and one for everything else.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I used a planner once but it became an overlord. I switched to a pad I found with two weeks on it so I could write stuff for two weeks then throw it away. Now I use my phone but sometimes it doesn't remind me and I forget to check and miss stuff - hmm I'm a mess lol. You know those turtle stickers people bring back from Hawaii? My son saw one when he was younger and said " awe they only have one turtle" haaa I had to tell him those weren't family turtles lol

Shelly said...

How cute your son is! I don't use a planner but use sticky notes when I have things to do in a day outside of the home. But here at home, I'm an empty nester so I don't have a schedule! I also have a journal for stitching. Fabric wish lists, plans for next years stitching, and finishes for the year.

gracie said...

I always want to try a planner....maybe I should this coming year. So many of you praise them. I love the baby story!

Rachel said...

Your boring stitching will be worth it in the end.

I have a small planner, but don't use it enough. I'm not sure if it is worth it in my case as my life isn't very eventful. Lol

Your son is adorable. I'm glad your husband didn't faint from the news of a 'baby'!!

Summer said...

Hug♥ Have a great weekend♥

Marsha said...

I have an engagement calendar and a pocket calendar for my purse. Doesn't get near the action as it did when I had three kids at home. Back then I lived by my calendar. I'm still a paper person and not used to electronic planning. Hope you love it.

Heather said...

Lol how cute! I don't use a planner. I don't have the patience or enough going on in my life to use one lol. Also I suck at organizing/being organized.