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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Just in time for Halloween!

 Okay, I hope everyone has seen this one by now. I just finished LK mystery sampler "Spooked " tonight and am excited to have it done just in time for Halloween! Well almost done, I have to add the beads to the circle on the upper left part to make the "31". I have some very pretty purple beads I want to use instead of stitching the numbers. I love how this one turned out, even with a few mistakes along the way (you might notice I had to improvise on the line on the right side of the center panel no idea how I screwed that one up!). This is my 14th WIP finish for the quarter, though this one has only been in my stitching basket since June of course!
And this finally arrived, my Erin Condren planner for 2017! I customized my cover, you might notice there is even a photo of me and my Nora Corbett mermaid in the center! I think the photos turned out well. I may order another photo collage cover mid-way through the year since they are pretty cheap ($8) and easy to switch out.

I also ordered the sticker accessory book. The ones on the right are little sticky notes, but the ones on the left are more like stickers you can write on. The ones in the middle with the holes are meant to go along to-do lists or checklists which I think I will write plenty of in this planner (I do like checking each item off of my to-do list)

I also ordered some custom schedule stickers off of Etsy. I liked the little boxes to write in your work hours.

 This is one of my first weekly page layouts. I ordered the neutral (black/white) planner instead of the watercolor one so I could decorate it my own way. I'm still not sure if I should have ordered the more colorful version. I love cheerful colors in my planner, but also like a clean-ish page to start with.

So of course I had to go out and buy a few accessories for it, stickers and pen and washi tape (fun colorful tape to decorate my pages with). I loved the little paw stickers, and plan to use them to help me remember dog baths each month. I also liked the center post-it notes with the grid lines on them. I have seen some amazing bullet journals on Pinterest, and like the idea of using something like this to track things like my running, weight loss, and I even started a little page for # of books read each month.  I also found a roll of the washi tape in ombre colors at Hobby Lobby, which makes for a nice "frame" around my pages.

So having fun with my new planner. Still on the fence over whether I will love it more than my current one. I think having a weekly view instead of a daily view will help me plan my weeks a little better, but I also liked having more page space each day to write and doodle.


Julie said...

Super Halloween finish and lovely photo collage for the front of your new planner... have fun playing with the accessories you got for it.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love the pattern! I don't buy mystery samplers until I've seen them - so no mystery for me. Too often I don't like the pattern but I may need to get thst one. Love the planner. I love those officey type things!

Summer said...

Love your planner and your lovely finish ♥

Annie said...

Great Halloween finish! Your teeny border deviation goes great with the piece I think.

And you are so ready for organization! I go more for the "hurricane just blew threw here" method. ;-)

Brigitte said...

It seems that you are having a lot of fun with your new planner already now before the new year has started. Enjoy it!
Great Halloween finish!

Heather said...

Great finish :) I like the Washi tape good luck with the journal!