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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Mornings

I woke up at two this morning, and tossed and turned for a bit until finally I just gave up and went and put in a movie and stitched for a bit. Daisies is done, but I wanted to get it in the frame before showing it off here. So back to some Halloween stitching (and hopefully finishing!) Above is my Drawn Thread piece, i'd say it's about 50% done. Only four or five colors in this which I like, I am stitching all the ghosts and skeletons in glow in the dark white. Maybe this will be this weeks finish?

And here is what I did with the rest of my early morning. I worked up two new vision boards for myself. One having to do with my goal of running a 10 minute mile by the end of the year (and hopefully a half marathon in January). The other for my goal of losing 35% of my body weight. I tried to pick images that represent healthy instead of just thin. Cause for me, i'll probably never be "skinny" I just want to fit back into size 8 jeans. I will also never again be a 20 year old in a bikini, but I hope to make 40 look good! 

I also ran 3 miles this morning with my favorite border collie. I have added an extra mile to our neighborhood runs, with an eye towards the half marathon and I have to laugh at how upset both my running partners are at the change to the route. I run with Mary, the above border collie mix and our foster dog who is part shepherd/part lab. So both reasonably smart dogs. On the runs they know where we turn at, and when we ran past the street they both tried to turn me around and "herd" me in the right direction. Don't worry, they are both young and healthy dogs so the extra mile is not going to kill either of them (though I can't say I make it look easy!)

And here is a project I have been playing around with this weekend. The design is "Little Bee" by Lizzie Kate. I finished stitching it earlier this summer, and now have an idea to turn it into a pillow. I saw the fabric (Moda: Bee Creative) and thought how perfect for my pillow. So my idea is to make a hexagon pattern with the fabric to make it look like a honeycomb around my cross stitched piece. In my head it looks fabulous, we will see if my sewing skills are up for the challenge. 


Cricket-bug Corner said...

I would try to get you to head home too lol

Cathy said...

Cute stitching project, and great fabric for it! Love the bee fabrics too! Sending you good wishes to achieve your health goals.

Julie said...

Great fabrics for your little bee finish.
Good luck with your running plans.

Melinda Forbes said...

I love your vision boards - and Healthy is the perfect way to approach your goal. I loved to run. Did 2 half marathons after I turned 50. I also ran with my dog.

I love Drawn Thread - and can't wait to see your Bee Pillow.

Heather said...

I adore the hexagon idea! Good for you for upping your goals! I'm hoping to take up hiking soon (I'm hoping next weekend) and might start jogging tomorrow. I SUCK at running so I'll have to build up slowly.