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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fabulous days of Fall

Much slower progress this week with finishing WIPs. I only completed the LK above (Love Crazy chart), which only needed a letter frogged out and the flower centers filled in. I am happy to move it out of my stitching basket. The linen is so dirty though, this one is an older WIP that sat untouched for many years because I ran out of a certain thread. While I store my WIPs each in their own bag this one is a little dingy. I am hesitant to wash it though as it is all WDW over-dyed threads and I worry about how much they will bleed. So I am hemming and hawing now over what to do with it.
Though finishing the LK puts me at 12 finishes so far, so I can't be too disappointed in my week. Only one more finish needed this year to reach my goal of clearing out 25% of my stitching baskets! Above is "Flower Bed" by the Trilogy, which now has a tail-less bunny added, a beakless/feetless birdie, and two wingless bumblebees buzzing amongst the flowers. I have a good feeling this will be one of my finishes next week.  

And here is "Fresh as a Daisy" by Cricket Collection. All I need to do is the centers of the violets, add my initial to the center, and stitch the vines between the daisies. Fingers crossed this will be my second finish next week. Funny that I am stitching so much Springtime in the middle of my favorite season Fall.  
Last but not least is my big project I am trying to get done. Another LK "Halloween Rules". This project is at least 3 or four years old, and I love love love the design. Lots of little fill in stitching left to do, but I am hoping this will be a Halloween finish.

For non-stitching goals I have been doing good this week also. I ran a 10:45 minute mile tonight with my favorite border collie. My goal for the end of the year is a 10 minute mile. The weather here only gets nicer from here, but it does get dark out earlier each day, and it is harder for me to run in the mornings after work (still on night shift this year). 

Hope you week is going well and you are loving the fall weather as much as I am. It is so nice to be able to open our windows and let fresh air into the house after running the air conditioner for months on end. If it's getting colder where you are, stay cozy!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Weeks isn't colorfast - once my husband ironed one before framing with too much water and I had to restitch it due to bleeding. It's so cool here - I love having the windows open!!

Julie said...

Lovely finish this week.
Lots of nice things for next week, hope you get lots of crafting time.

Heather said...

Great progress I love Halloween Rules!