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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


A bit of progress on Kitchen Sampler, I at least haven't put it down yet and feel like this just might be my 14th finish before the end of the year. Lots of back-stitching which is hard to see on the chart (either that or my eyes are just getting old)

I treated myself to a little stash enhancement last week. We went out to Attic Needlework in Mesa, which is about a 45 minute drive away from home, i'm lucky it's not closer or I would be broke! The two above charts are Heart in Hand, "It Was Always You" and "Two Become One". I have an idea to do them both on the same fabric, and use a collage frame to frame them with some of our wedding pictures. 

I also picked up a Lizzie Kate kit, because I can't get enough of her Halloween charts. This kit comes with the prettiest black fabric to embellish the top of the pouch. I am staying firm in my resolve though not to start anything new until I get through more of my current WIPs.

I also picked up this chart by C Street Samplers. This was the store model. I hadn't realized looking at it how many specialty stitches were used in this project. The waves are all satin stitched, and her tail is all Smyrna crosses. The instructions are written like a band sampler, dividing it into sections with directions for each so fingers crossed I can figure it out. It's not that i'm not good at following directions, I just don't have the attention span to read past step 1 most of the time.

On the health front of things, I am excited Weight Watchers is doing another charm for attending meetings over the holiday season. Their summer charm is the running man in the middle of my charm bracelet above. I also lost 2.4 pounds this week! I am trying to be really good since we are taking our Christmas pictures this next weekend. On the running side of things I have ran 14 miles so far this month. I have stretched my short runs from 2 to 3 miles, and am trying to do a long run of 5 miles once a week. So I feel like I am still slugging along towards getting healthier. I do like my fitbit for the motivation of being able to track how many steps I am getting each day, and how many times a week I am actually working out. I have been pretty consistent with working out 5 days each week.


Summer said...

Love your crafting and pretty little things♥

Shelly said...

Nice stash haul. The mermaid is really pretty. About the Attic, I hear ya! Love that place!

CalamityJr said...

I love your idea of a wedding collage. Can't wait to see your finish! Way to go on the weight loss and running. My daughter started running this past year and is enjoying 5K races; her mother is amazed, lol. But if you feel as good as she does, then major kudos to you. Keep up the great work!

Beth in IL said...

Love your blog! Good job with weight watchers. Hurt my knees and can't run and trip on a walnut a month ago and hurt my ankle which put a stop to my walking for a bit.(Yes, I am a klutz!)I always love hearing about others who are stitcher and like to exercise. The two don't always go together!

Von said...

Wow! You're doing great with your running!
Nice little haul, too. The Attic is a store I could lose myself in for hours! :)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

45 minutes from the Attic--what a treat and so dangerous for the budget and wallet

Brigitte said...

I always love to see your progress on this lovely Kitchen Sampler. and a little bit of new stash is always in order, I think, as it keeps us motivated, doesn't it?
Great what you are doing for your health. And so successfully.

Julie said...

Lovely progress on the Sampler.

Heather said...

Nice progress and congrats on the health goal progress!