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Friday, November 18, 2016

Itchy Stitching Fingers

I've had itchy stitching fingers this week, coupled with a short attention span so there has been little to no progress on Kitchen Sampler. I did pull this one out of my stitching basket though, it is "Blessings Sampler" by Diane Arthurs of Imaginating. I love how she does her leaves, and colors on her charts.

If I had any sense in my head I would work on the WIP's that are closest to being done, so that I could actually meet my goal of having 25% of them done by the end of the year. Instead I meander through my stitching basket. I figure though that if I don't start anything new, and am still progressing on the multiple WIPs I have (ummm my current total would be 39--- don't tell anyone!)...anyways if I just keep stitching on the projects I have then eventually I am bound to finish some of them. 39 projects is a lot to rotate through. Even my short attention span should not be able to get bored with that many.

Other than that, I mailed off my Christmas exchange piece through the Hooked on Exchanging blog last weekend. I can't wait to show it here, but it has not arrived yet at my partner's mailbox. I organized this exchange, the blog had gone dormant since the beginning of 2016. I was a little nervous about it all (would anyone want to exchange with me/what if someone didn't stitch anything), but am so happy I did it. I am not the most organized stitcher, but I do love stitching for people who truly appreciate the work that goes into making a stitched gift, and I love the surprise of getting cross stitch in the mail. I am thinking of doing a spring or Valentine exchange after the holidays are over to keep the blog going, hopefully a few more stitchers will want to join in too.

I'll end with a funny I saw in one of my Facebook stitching groups:

Why isn't there a delivery option of:
"Don't deliver all the stuff I ordered online when my husband is home to see it"


KimM said...

Oh my! I'm sorry I missed the exchange....maybe next year? I've been a little busy 😀
Looking forward to seeing your exchange package.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

The delivery option is funny!! Sadly, my husband does the bills so I can't get away with anything! At least you have a lot of WIPs to chose from when deciding to work on one lol

Melinda Forbes said...

I do believe if we stitch even just a little on all our WIPS they will get finished some day. I always love your projects, so enjoy seeing all your progress.

butterfly said...

You sound just like me I also have loads of WIPs , but thats what keeps my interest on going I also love starting lots of new ones, hugs.

Rachel said...

All your progress looks great!! I agree, I don't think you can get bored with that rotation of projects :)

I love doing the exchange! Thank you for organizing it :) And for the lovely card and goodies.

I would love to participate in the V-Day/spring exchange :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Julie said...

Nice design your new start is.
Your little note made me smile, although my Dh is very understanding where new stuff is concerned.

Brigitte said...

You are a bit like me. I also have 30+ WIPs and I love them all. And I'm convinced that I will finish them all. One day.
Diane Arthurs' designs are all so nice and worth stitching. And among my own WIPs there are two her designs.

Heather said...

Lovely progress :)