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Monday, November 14, 2016

Coming Along Nicely!

 Kitchen Sampler is almost almost done. So much back-stitching, I swear it takes more time than the actual cross-stitching. Only 4 or 5 more little areas to finish though, and then there is a short verse at the top.

I realized I made a mistake in my WIP list. For some reason I thought I had 14 finishes so far this year, but it turns out I only have 12. So to meet my goal of 25% done, I need to finish at least one more stitch. So I am buckling down and sticking to Kitchen Sampler.

I worked on Kitchen Sampler this weekend while watching "I-Origins" with my husband on our couch. Exciting date night, huh? But I will say I highly recommend the movie. It is a sci-fi (kind of) movie with actors I have never seen before (actually the guy who plays Glen in Walking Dead had a very minor part in it) but the story makes you think. It was about a team of scientists searching for a link to prove a theory of reincarnation. Very well done story of religion vs. science.

We also had a very busy, very fun rest of the weekend. Saturday morning we did the annual Lymphoma walk at our Zoo. Both my husband and I have lost a parent to Leukemia, so this is something we both hope to see a cure for in our lifetimes. The zoo though has all these amazing lego animals (life-size) on display throughout the zoo, with little placards saying how long they took to build and how many legos were involved. They had a polar bear and cubs that weighed 650 pounds built entirely out of legos! Then Saturday night a local church was hosting a movie in the park. So we took the kids and watched Home Alone, while munching on lots of food truck fair (think Kettlecorn/Snowcones/and pot-stickers)

And here is my other stitching project this week, though it has received significantly less attention than Kitchen Sampler. This one is Drawn Thread "Halloween". I ran out of one of the greens I needed, so have been focusing on finishing up the ghosts until I can get more WDW Moss. This one has been a pretty fun stitch, and I will definitely be stitching more of their Halloween patterns (once I am off my self-imposed WIP restriction that is).


KimM said...

What a great post. Love the Lego animals....

Shelly said...

Kitchen Sampler is looking good! Wow the zebra..pretty cool. Sounded like a very nice weekend was had.

Annie said...

The Kitchen Sampler is such a cool piece. Hurry and finish it!

Good for you to do that walk and how cool that it took place at the zoo!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

very cool legos!! Love the stitching too!!

Brigitte said...

These Lego animals are just amazing.
Great progress on your two WIPs.

Heather said...

Great stitching! I'm so happy they have a lymphoma walk. That's what my grandma died from and I feel like enough attention is not paid to it.