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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ho with a Heart

Forgive my silly title. It reminded me of Lula, from the Stephanie Plum series. Is anybody else super excited for the movie to come out? Even with Katherine Hiegel playing Stephanie (so wrong, but crossing my fingers she can pull it off)

So this is my day 10 project for Crazy January Challenge, Bent Creek "Home". This last year has been my year for Bent Creek patterns. I changed the colors of the letters, and used "Moss" by Weeks. I really like how variegated it looks on the lettering, which of course you can't see in my dim photo of it. Trust me, and next time I'll use better lighting for my pics. It's hard to get natural daylight when most of my photos are taken after little ones go to bed.

I started another Bent Creek for day 11, The big zipper "Go with all your Heart". There will be no pictures, I hate it!!! It came as a kit with the Perl Cotton threads included. Well I have never stitched with them before. So at first I wasn't sure if I was supposed to separate strands, like with DMC. I tried separating them (didn't work they fuzzed immediately). Then I tried sewing it as one strand which felt like I was sewing with yarn. I also was working on a 28ct evenweave instead of the recommended 18ct linen. So I will be ripping out the first hours worth of stitching and starting again. I also spilled coffee on the edge of the fabric (I know! I know! drinking and sewing I should be ashamed!) So it seems like this project was fated to fail. I still would love to finish this design. Wagapapa is stitching it on her blog, which is what prompted me to finally go out and get it. It looks so cute!
And this is my Day 12 project. A change up from all the Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate "Halloween Rules". I was fretting over what to stitch this on. I actually went out and bought 3 different linens. I wanted a pretty golden color like the linen in the picture. But didn't want to special order it and couldn't find one I liked at my LNS. I actually was putting off starting this because I just wasn't sure what to stitch it on. So I dug through my stash box of linen again, and was lucky enough to find a big enough piece of 32ct Laguna. I have a habit, a bad habit, of saving things for a "special project". I never want to use what I have in my stash, because it's too nice for whatever I am working on. Well this is going to be a big peice, and i really like the design and will probably have it professionally framed. I realized if that's not nice enough to use my stash linen on, probably nothing will be and it will be sold someday by my children at a yard sale for a quarter having never been stitched on by me.


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new starts.

Mindi said...

LOL, the HO really does remind me of Lulu. Nice start to a cute project.

A few of us are doing the L*K Halloween Rules as a SAL, just a block or 2 a month, you're welcome to join us! I have links to the other blogs on my sidebar.

Mouse said...

love your new start and if something doesn't work for you then you did the right thing and get that fabbie used ..lol :) love mouse xxxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Good job on the Crazy Challenge... love your HO with a heart! LOL!!!

Wagapapa said...

Your stitching looks great, the Bent Creek one is lovely and I love Lizzie Kate designs.

Don't be discouraged with the Big Round Zipper, the beginning was hard for me too, and I realised when stitching a door house I made a mistake.

Have a good day!

Jan said...

Your new projects look great! I will enjoy following your progress. Give the Pearl cottons another go with the right linen. I have used them for Shepherd's Bush stockings and they worked a treat.