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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years resolutions

This is my day 3 project for the Crazy January Challenge, being posted on day 4. I stayed up until the wee hours working on it last night, and by the time I was done stitching I didn't have the energy for posting. It is "Sea-ology" by the Trilogy. Another designer I don't stitch very often. This challenge is expanding my stitching repertoire. I like the color I chose for the crab, I was debating between this one or a brighter red like "liberty" or "Louisiana hot sauce" by Weeks.

So this morning I started in on one of my New Years resolutions. They are pretty much the same as last years: Be more Organized, Be more Healthy, and Be more Creative. I was working on the healthy one this morning. My 8 year old asked if she could ride her bike to school, and I thought I would run next to her pushing the jogging stroller with my 5 year old in it. It's about 8 blocks to her school, making it a 2 mile round trip. Easy workout right? What I didn't factor in was that I normally ride my own bike next to her, and the last time I was on foot while she rode was when she was 5 and had just gotten her training wheels off and I was holding on to the back of her bike so she wouldn't tip over. A motivated 8 year old is WAY FASTER than a wobbly five year old. WAY FASTER!!! So this morning I looked like exactly what I was: a slightly out of shape -sweaty -30-something mom -about to have a heart attack while trying to keep her New Years resolution. By the time we made it to the school I was too out of breath to even say good morning to the crossing guard. But it did motivate me to keep lacing up my Reeboks until I can make it look easy (or I really do keel over in a sweaty mess on the sidewalk). Really whichever comes first.


Mike said...

Excellent job Sweetie! I'm glad you made it home safely. I like the crab.

Mouse said...

ohhh well done on the start and cooooooooo hope you are all right ... and you will hurt in the morning .. but apparently no pain no gain ..lol ... good luck with the training :) love mouse xxxx

TammyK said...

Sea-ology is soooo cute. Love the fabric you chose for this project. Kudos on the 2 mile workout! I'm sure you'll be making it look easy in no time.

Lesleyanne said...

Great new start. Glad you made it home okay. Good luck with the new training plan.