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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm ahead! No wait I think i'm behind.....

Really I am not sure what I am today. Still trying to keep up with the Crazy January Challenge, and doing a good job on the stitching just not on the posting. So today I present you the last four days of the challenge, plus 1 extra (so technically I think that makes me ahead, right?!?)
First at the top is off of an old Prairie Schooler chart #51 Garden Beasties. I changed the colors on Mr. Snail to a periwinkle purple and his body I am going to do in greens. This was my day 5 stitch.

Next up is another Mirabilia, Petal Fairy. If I can get her done in time I would love to have her framed by spring. I remember Halloween Fairy stitching up pretty quickly so I hope she is the same. I hand dyed the evenweave. I saw a picture online of it done in this color and loved how it made the yellows and pinks in her dress stand out so well. She was day 6, I tried to plan to work on the Mirabilias on the weekends, so I would have more time to give them.

Day 7 was a smaller Lizzie Kate. I wanted to mix in smaller pieces since I promised myself I would not add any new projects into the rotation until I finished something. I also thought about saying I would stitch something from the same designer I finished, but since half my list is Bent Creek I worried that might get boring. I am also going to try and keep them in order to work on, so each should get about 2 days a months if I keep up the 15 project rotation. I know it's a complicated system even for my little brain.

This is what I worked on today, Day 8. Spooky Row by Bent Creek. I love the rows because they are generally quick for me to finish. I hand dyed the linen again, it turned out a little lighter than I had hoped. I was going for a Frankenstein green, and it came out more pastel green. I am hoping once I stitch it with all the dark colors and add a dark frame I will like it a little more.

And this is my +1 day, day 9 started early. It is a Hands to Work design. Another designer I don't stitch too often. I liked that I could personalize it with our names. I have the best boyfriend ever, as yesterday he patiently waited while I spent a very excited hour in my LNS ooohing and aaahhing over all the new designs I hadn't seen since I hadn't been in there since pre-Thanksgiving. So this one was picked out for him. It also edged out another Prairie Schooler design from my list, so I spent part of this afternoon editing my list and will need to get it posted to my sidebar somewhere. Perhaps that can be my goal for next post, I hate fussing with the blogger gadgets.


Lesleyanne said...

Your new starts look great.

country stitcher said...

Great new starts!
Happy Stitching

Mindi said...

Great new starts! I love that Hands To Work chart. Incredible boyfriend, to wait while you were in your LNS. I had one that was like that, now I wonder why I ever got rid of him!

Jenny said...

What a cool collection of new beginnings! I can't wait to see how your flower fairy turns out - I bet she will be gorgeous on that pretty piece of linen.
I am a big sucker for PS designs and I love their Garden Beasties, Blooms and Birds. I am way too much of a chicken to try deviating from the colors listed in their charts though... Good that some of us have more of a vision than others! :-)