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Thursday, January 5, 2012

day 4 Give Thanks started

This is a Dianne Arthur's peice again, "The Lord's Blessing". Another Autumnal peice. As with the Halloween start hopefully this one will be done in time to hang up for the season. I am stitching it on Aida, which I have gotten away from using, and it is so crinkly and stiff that it's scratching up my arms. Hopefully it will soften up a little soon.

And this is my 5 year old learning how to sew. My oldest made a Hello Kitty purse, and entered it into the state fair last year. Well of course anything big sister does, little sister has to do too. Besides keeping the yarn on the needle, she did pretty good. I had to promise her she would get to enter it into the state fair this year. I think she was a little jealous last year when both mommy and big sister won ribbons, and all she got was a ride on the carousel and some fry bread at the fair.


Rita E in AZ said...

Give Thanks looks like a great stitching project. Your 5 year old is on her way to winning her own ribbons.

gracie said...

Just look at the concentration!

Blu Stitcher said...

She is so cute.

Rhona said...

Your daughter is adorable! Think she might be raiding your stash soon...she has the look of a crafter!