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Monday, May 2, 2011

2 more stars to Glory

I had to take down all my Easter decor last week, and now my walls are empty. I'm debating moving a few of my permanent display pieces around, but kind of really like them where they are. So I am hoping to finish Glory by the end of May, so I can get my Summer/Fourth of July decorations up. I am also looking for a few other smaller summer designs to work on. I really like one by Trilogy with a cute little red crab and a summer/beach scene, but can't remember the name of it. I always work on one bigger piece and then a few smalls. And right now all my smalls are Halloween stuff.
This week was a slower week than last week, luckily. My garden outside is still growing. And my tomatoes are finally turning red. I have two tomato plants with about 10 tomatoes each on them, but it took forever for them to ripen. I also have summer squash, peppers, and a pumpkin patch. I think i'm most excited for the pumpkins, I planted a white variety (Lumina I think) and a Big Max variety which is supposed to make 20lb pumpkins. Hopefully they will last through our hot hot summer here.

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TammyK said...

Love this flag design - too cute :)