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Sunday, May 22, 2011

BEIGE: the cruelest color

This is the latest work on "Glory". Almost done!! Yay.....except for that tiny little patch of beige on the upper right. Do you see it? In between the R and the Y? It would take maybe one more strand of beige to finish it. Its less than 40 stitches! And do you see the empty floss tag at the bottom. The chart said it would only take 1 skein of Weeks Beige. And I can't remember if I used part of this skein on a different project, but I know I am very frugal with my thread. And my two needlework shops are about an hour and a half drive there and back, so it may be a bit before Glory sees completion. SIGH. So frustrated right now.
The rest of my week was pretty wonderful. On Thursday we had a picnic at the park. There were dozens of bunnies out on the grass, and we had the whole grassy area of the park to ourselves (well plus lots of critters). My four year old chased them all over. After dinner we flew kites. And the funny part is how I lectured the four year old not to let go of her kite string, and then she handed it to me and I got her kite stuck in a tree. Bad mommy!
UPDATE: Thank you so much Karen for the offer of more thread. I just went and ordered it online today so hopefully by the end of the week it will be here (and theres still plenty of time to finish before July). I also ordered that Trilogy chart I mentioned a few posts back with the mermaid and crab...it's called Seaology. And FYI Roberta at Cottonwood Lane Primitaves is having a giveaway of the cutest little penny rug...check it out!


Karen said...

Oh...how frustrating that must be! I will be happy to send you some if you need it.

happy stitching....

Jenny said...

I think that we have all been there and it does really stink when the floss runs out for that very last, itty-bitty section! I second Karen's offer - just let us know which floss you are missing next time and I'll be glad to root through the stash - after all, that's what it is there for! ;-)
Glad to hear that the rest of your week was so good. I would have loved to see all the bunnies!