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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Glory"-finished in all it's glory!

So my Weeks Beige came in on Thursday. And I just finished up "GLORY" this morning. Now to find a suitable frame for it and get it on the wall before July! I may be hitting the Goodwills next week, it's an odd size to frame, I think about 10"x4". But i'm sure I can find something. I have had a couple previous Bent Creeks rows framed professionally and they came out to about $80 each. While they looked really great, theres no way i'm affording that now without a few months of saving up, so this one will be a home-made framing project. This project only took me about a month to finish up, and the lack of color changes really wasn't as bad as I anticipated. I am glad it's done though. ***And as a RAK if anyone would like this chart (you may even have time to do it in time for 4th of July also) leave a comment and i'll mail it off to you.***

So on to my next project. Here is my dilemma I have too many projects I want to start right now! One is already started, the Clean And Fresh piece. It's actually been started since 2006! And the worst part is is that it's a really easy piece to work on, lots of color changes, bright happy colors, and I love the design. So it should be done by now! Instead I pull it out for a few weeks each year and fumble along on it, until stashing it away for another year.

And this came in the mail with my beige thread. Come on, I couldn't just order one little skein of thread. It's Red-White-and Bloom by Country Cottage needleworks. Another summery/patriotic piece. I even dyed my own linen for it last night. I started with tea, but it didn't come out dark enough to make the whites really stand out. So I did a second round with coffee, and i'm hoping by using three strands of the white it will really pop.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, I know i'm loving these first few days of summer before it heats up to the surface of the sun here.

P.S..... Nataly of Nataly's Needle Creations is having a blogiversary giveaway on her blog...check it out!


piece peace said...

It is glorious! Happy memorial Day Weekend!

Karen said...

Kudos on a great finish... still one of my favorite BC designs. Good luck finding a frame!

happy stitching on your new project.... whichever one you choose.

Mike said...

I really like the picture of you and Glory. You're so stinking cute. I love you Sweetie!