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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have the attention span of a carrot!

This is my little bit of progress on GLORY. I have all the letters finished. Which I was excited about until I realized that all I have to look forward to is lots of red and beige. How boring! It will be done by fourth of July though, i'm determined!!!
Though my need for color and cute may undermine all my determination. I had to start something new! And my local LNS didn't have the Trilogy crab piece I wanted, so I went with Lizzie Kate. I started (and never finished) the Think Spring one in March, but since it is no longer spring I am moving right along to summer. Here in the land of AZ we just happen to have never ending summer. I finally caved and turned on the air conditioning last week, it was a HUNDRED degrees out all ready. Makes me dream of cute little sea-gulls on the beach. (Yes i'm pretty sure the white bird is a sea-gull and not an albatross as I was originally calling him)
And now for some pics of my garden that I have been promising. This is a little nest of quail eggs in my front yard. There was a new flock of baby quail out and about in my yard already last week and they are so cute following the mom and dad quail around in a line.
This is one of my pumpkin plants. I think it is one of the Big Max variety. They haven't started to grow vines yet, but seem to be doing well.
One of my tomato plants. I got about 10 tomatoes off of each plant. I am wondering if they will last through summer. They only get morning sun here on my porch. I think this kind is called "Early Girl Hybrid".
This is my zucchini, I have five plants growing. I also have Dixie Summer Squash growing in the same bed. But the squash have not exploded like the zucchini have.
And this is my pumpkin patch again. I love calling it that!! I have my very own pumpkin patch to grow my very own jack-o-lanterns.
And my peppers and lettuce.
This is my inside little herb garden. I have basil, stevia, parsley, mint, and lavender. My girls were so excited when I told them all the leaves from our little indoor garden were edible. I tried making pesto with the basil last week, but it did not turn out so well. I've used the basil in other things though. It just makes me happy to see it grow.


Nicky said...

You are going to have an abundance to eat soon - and less time for stitching - better hurry that seagull along! If you don't finish this year just think you are way ahead for next! I have finished a lot of projects late no I mean early!

Tracy J said...

Your lizzie/kate piece and glory are really cute, I will be watching the progress.

I also live in Phoenix AZ and I hear ya loud and clear!

feel free to e-mail me anytime.