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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bell Ringing?

Had a little time this weekend to do some finishing. I worked on my HOE ornaments (eek everyone else has their ornaments mailed out already-I am of course the slow one) so I can't show those yet. But I also did some fussing with Alice. I found the little keys in the dollar bins at Michael's and wanted to do a border of black and white beads around the white trim. Unfortunately the trim, combined with the linen and the fabric is super hard to stitch through so the beading didn't work. So now I am letting it sit for a while hoping inspiration will strike me for how to finish it off.

A tiny bit of progress on Ashley, I worked mostly on her bouquet last night which was very slow stitching. There must be over a dozen different shades of pink in the flowers, so much confetti stitching! At least the pinks are pretty I guess.

And here is my newest reading selection, and I have a question for someone with a little more culture than me maybe. The book is set outside of London, and she uses a few slang phrases that I am not familiar with. Most I figured out, like what a chat-up line was. But she called an ex-boyfriend a "bell ringer"? I'll quote the book and maybe someone can help me figure out what it meant...
"And he completely forgot to mention the bell-ringing. -- How could I have gone out with someone for six months and not known they were a secret bell-ringer?"
So I googled bell ringing and it of course gave me the obvious answer of someone who rings a bell, but it was such a weird phrase, anyone out there with a better answer than google? 


Justine said...

I love your Alice! The keys and pocket watch fabric are perfect for it. Could you stitch the beads onto the lace trim first and then attach the trim to the fabric etc without stitching through the beads?
Can't help you with bell ringer - are you sure he didn't just ring bells for a hobby?! Where in the UK is the book set?

Melinda Forbes said...

Your Alice is beautiful. I love the keys. I think it is perfect already. Not sure what a bell ringer is.

I have been watching British TV quite a bit and reading more novels set in the Uk - but can't help with the bell ringer.

Also Ashley is beautiful!

Christina said...

Lol. We Brits are a weird bunch - particularly when it comes to language. What's the American term for a 'chat-up line'? I think a bell-ringer would be just that. Someone who perhaps rings bell in a church? I guess it could be considered quite a nerdy hobby! Did my parcel arrive yet? I'm starting to get worried! 😬

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I agree with Christina, it's considered a hobby for older people, not something you expect a younger person to be involved in. It doesn't have a double entendre (that I'm aware of!).
The full name is Campanologist (excuse spelling!)

Church Towers often have the bells high up with long ropes hanging down. Each person has a rope they have to pull in a set pattern to produce the chimes to call the faithful to church. Or to a wedding.

A few years ago we had a knock on the door of the church hall where our toddler group meets. A group of youngsters were doing a scavanger hunt for charity and one task was "ring a church bell". I let them ring the doorbell and signed the task off!

CathieJ said...

Alice and Ashley are both looking beautiful. I can't help you with the "bell-ringer" turn of phrase.

Julie said...

Jo description is perfect. Lots of churches are desperate for new younger members to take up bell ringing, it's seen as something older persons do, but obviously they had to start when they were younger..... how times have changed, but its the same with a lot of hobbies etc. Take knitting/sewing, that was once seen as an old persons hobby!
Our local church has a large sign outside saying that its members are reaching an age where they can no longer safely pull the cords for the bells due to safety and unless someone younger comes along then there will be no bell ringing for weddings and services after this summer.
Nice stitching.

gracie said...

Love your Alice finish. Bell ringer...bot sure.

gracie said...

Oh, calling someone a bell ringer could mean someone who communicates by signals....just found it as one of the definitions.

butterfly said...

Beautiful Alice .
I have a friend that is a bell ringer , I know it takes alot of time up .
Mostly at weekends .

Rachel said...

Alice is adorable. I've never seen that pattern, I love it! Your stitching is lovely.

Carm said...

I've been trying for yrs to find the meaning "for dance on my grave". Our jeweler was fond of me and as a teenager he asked me to dance on his grave when he died. I have no idea where he's even buried so I can't even visit it. There are also people who ring hand bells in churches. I have a friend that does it.