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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Exchange arrived

My HOE exchange piece arrived from Christina of Whilst Iris Naps just last night, and it is AMAZING! She did such lovely work finishing it, with the beaded trim around the outside, and the beaded hanger that matched the design so perfectly. This is a Shepherd's Bush design, call "Fa La La", and it is so cute. The grass along the bottom which is satin stitched, and then the cute lettering above the sheep. She did an awesome job on this. 

She also sent along some unexpected goodies. A LK kit called "Little Snow" which is very cute and now I want to stitch it right away (i'm not even going to open it though or I would start it and have to add another WIP to my list!), and a bit of 28 ct Zwiegart linen, and the prettiest little pink scissor fob with a tiny snowflake charm on the end, along with some beads and needles, and wow! Carol and Christina really made this exchange so fun. I hate to put both their ornaments away until Christmas time now! I am thinking of trying to organize maybe a spring or summer exchange on the HOE blog if anyone would be interested? 
Here is what I stitched for Christina, it is part of the Winter Sampler which is a Janlynn kit. I loved the little ice-skate with the pretty pink roses in it. I added a little lace trim to the sides, and some little pink beads around the edge of it.

Here is my progress on fickle fickle Ashley. I took her outside this morning to try and get a better photo of the linen color. Please excuse the wrinkles on her, I just wanted a quick progress photo. She is coming along nicely, though I really should put her down to work on more of my WIPs. 

And here is what happens when you stitch with dogs. We have three large ones, and when I stitch outside in the evenings they like to sit right next to me with their head over my shoulders. This is the coveted spot in our house. So do you see the little spot to the left of my stitching? Wanna guess what that is? It's dog drool! Yuck yuck yuck! I set my stitching down on my lap for a second and turned to mark off the chart, and when I picked it back up found this. Poor Ashley, so far she has been subjected to coffee and dog drool, what's next! I shouldn't jinx myself. 


Justine said...

Two gorgeous ornaments...what a fabulous exchange! I am not a dog person thankfully, at least goldfish don't drool on my stitching!

CathieJ said...

I love the exchange that you received and that skate ornament is fantastic! So very pretty. Ashley is looking great...dog drool and all.

Rachel said...

Lol one of the reasons I don't care for dogs. Give me cat hair any day!!

Your projects look great :) That exchange piece is cute!!!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love the exchange items - you guys are so talented!! Ashley is beautiful!

Melinda Forbes said...

Great exchange projects. I love Love Love your Skate Ornament, I am wondering I just may have to buy that chart just to get the skate. Full disclosure I love those Samplers and this may be the reason I need to pick one up

Julie said...

Super exchange, what nice designs you both chose.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous exchanges. I think you should hang the ornies up now and just be early!
Poor Ashley with her dog drool addition.