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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Happy Dancing

So tonight I officially reached my 1st quarter WIP goal for 2017. I have completed 9 WIPs in the first 3 months, putting the final stitches in the final two just last night. And with three days left in the month too, not to brag or anything! Lately Ashley has taken up all my stitching time, and led my wandering eyes away from the goal. 
The little red witch above is from the "Autumn Sampler", a Janlynn Kit that is also on my WIP list. But I liked her so much, I wanted to do a smaller ornament of just her. There was a ton of back-stitching left to do on her. I am not quite thrilled with the little black cats face, but I am going to let it go and move her out of my stitching basket.

 And here is my second finish, "Autumn" by Cricket Collection. All I needed to get done on this one was the apple and cat-tail stems, and the eyes of all the little critters. Why do I let projects like this languish in my WIP pile for so long, when it literally took me twenty minutes to get this done. I love the crows and the jack-o'lantern on this one, and may make a smaller ornament out of just them later on.
And in honor of meeting my stitching goal, I went ahead and prepped my list for the next  three months. I have gone from 51 projects total to just 29. I organize them by theme, the top box is miscellaneous, the second box is Halloween projects, the third is Fall themed projects, and the box on the right hand side is all of my BIG projects. So my goal for the next three months is 5 more WIPs done, or about two a month. How easy is that? Now if only I can keep myself from adding any new WIPs to the list. Wish me luck!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Good luck!! Nice finish - great job sticking to your goals!!

Rachel said...

It is easy to get distracted from WIPS especially when designers are putting out new patterns all the time.

Good luck!!! Congrats on your finishes :)

Carol said...

I love both of your finishes! Never would have thought of doing the little witch all by herself, but she looks adorable (well, I guess witches aren't supposed to look adorable, but this one does!).

Brigitte said...

Such a lovely little witch. And the Cricket Collection piece is fantastic. I love their letter designs, like the seasons and months. Congratulation on the two finishes and on reaching your goal for the first quarter of this year.

Melinda Forbes said...

Thank you for sharing your progress on your WIPS your finishes and your plans. I do have the Autumn in my stash and the little witch is wonderful

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the little witch and I really like the CC seasons too. I have added them to my wish list!
But like you I want to get some off my WIPs list first.