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Sunday, March 26, 2017

In like a lamb, out like a lion?

Thank you to everyone who posed an answer on what a bell ringer was in my last post. All of your answers made sense, and I can now say I learned a new phrase from an otherwise pretty easy book. Some months I like to read horror or crime novels, and some months all I can handle is easy fluff books.

Above is my progress on Ashley. I have the worst time getting a good photo of her! The fabric is hand-dyed by me, using a RIT dye called Kentucky Sky, and it is the prettiest shade of light blue. But does it show up at all in any of my photos? No, it just looks like a yucky grey. I need to take her outside in the full sunlight to see if I can really get a good picture of how bright and cheery she is. It probably doesn't help that I am using my cell phone for photos instead of an actual camera, I may have to dig out my camera to get a true to color picture of her. 

And here is the ornament  I received from Carol on the Hooked on Exchanging blog. Obviously a Prairie Schooler Santa, I love the simplicity of their designs. I managed to mail mine out last week, and can't wait to show what I stitched here. That is my favorite part of doing exchanges, hoping the person I am stitching for loves what I stitched as much as I did. 

Last week was my birthday (I won't scare you with how old I am- or how old I feel), and my DH and middle daughter picked out the most beautiful bouquet. My daughter called them tangerine tulips. The blooms went from almost a coral color on the bottom to pink and yellow on the tips. So pretty! Each of my daughters made me a birthday card, and DH picked out two new charts from my wish list. Mirabilia "Garden Party" and Lavender & Lace "Celtic Summer". I can't wait to get started stitching on both of these, but I am still trying to be strong and finish off more of my WIP list. 

And here is a little stash I picked up for myself, a new Bent Creek- Oodles of Autumn. I loved the little fox and raccoon and you all know how much I love anything fall of course! Also Fall Basket by Imaginating. I just finished off their Harvest Lantern design earlier this year. The colors on this one, between the turquoise bird house and the purple flowers and golden sunflowers are so pretty!


butterfly said...

What a lovely post , love the rose lady .
Love your exchange .
Happy Birthday and lovely flowers from your family .
Great stash , I love adding to my stash .

Justine said...

What a gorgeous exchange piece you received! Can't wait to see yours.
I love Garden Party and your tulips are beautiful! Looks like you were spoiled on your birthday.

Christina said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Stephanie! I have a birthday next week and I'm trying to forget about the number these days! Your red Santa is gorgeous. I have one very similar from Carol! I want to stitch all of them now! I wish my parcel to you would hurry up and get there...😬 Ps I have Celtic Spring and the colours are divine.

diamondc said...

Happy Belated Birthday, lovely gifts from your family.
Ashley is beautiful, someday I must do a Lady stitch.
Love the Santa, it is a sweet ornament.
So far we are having a in like a lion out like a lamb here in Minnesota, that is okay with me.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Happy belated birthday! Beautiful flowers. Don't you hate it when the camera can't get the color of the linen right?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I celebrated a big zero one last year so I'll be happy to lose track now until the next one!
Pale Blue is so hard to get right in photographs, it just seems to wash out. But the stitching looks lovely and that's the important thing!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday! It looks like you enjoyed yourself! Your projects look fantastic!!

Yes, cell phone cameras are fickle when it comes to fabric. Lol

Julie said...

PS santas are always so lovely to see.
Happy birthday wishes... nice cards,gifts and new stash.

Brigitte said...

Ashley has definitely grown a lot.
Happy belated birthday and enjoy all your new stash. Fall Basket has been on my list for quite a while and once my online shop offers a sale I will buy it.