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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The thrill of a fresh start!

Yesterday my husband had off work, so we drove out to our local Ikea store for lunch and some shopping and then found this really cool needlework store that was way on the other side of town from us. I guess I should be glad there's not a really cool store right down the street from our house cause then I would be broke (or having to work there in exchange for cross stitch charts!) Anyways I hadn't been there before and there is nothing as exciting for me as getting to see all the beautiful designs actually stitched in person. The one above was a shop model and the pinks and greens were beautiful. The picture on the chart doesn't do it justice. So I started this one at work last night instead of working on "Special Delivery". Another cool thing about this one is it came as a semi-kit with all the threads needed included, so I was happy about that. Plus this new store carries Crescent colors threads, before I was having to find replacements out of Weeks or Gentle Art threads. So all in all I am very excited to have a new cross stitch shop to visit here in town, I love just going to look at all the beautiful pieces on display. If you live in Phoenix the shop is called Attic needleworks, and the other one I frequent is Needler's Nest. If you know of any other good shops let me know.

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