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Thursday, May 14, 2009

bzzzy bee!

I finished my Lizzie Kate snippet!! It turned out so cute I think. I found the perfect bee fabric in a quilting store, actually bought 3 different colors of the same print. I cut out circles from the yellow fabric and fused/stitched them on top of the green fabric.
And my bee charms off of ebay arrived today. I also changed the french knots I had for the flower centers into just a backstitch, the knots looked too messy. The only part I'm not happy about is the bottom where I had to hand stitch it to close it off. I have yet to figure out the invisible stitch (where the stitch is hidden inside the seam) so it looks sloppy to me because the thread shows on the outside.
This will probably wind up as a wall hanging above my calender. I'm thinking of doing the July snippet and finishing it the same way. Except instead of bees, I would do a striped background with blue stars in the circles.

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