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Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Wayward Progress

So I did work on "Special Delivery" a little bit more last night (a very little bit)! But then of course went right back to my snippet. I am almost done with it, so exciting! I don't like how the blue looks behind the word June though, so I am sending my other 1/2 to the cross stitch store tommorow to pick out a new shade of blue. Its right next to his work, and I would go myself but its a 45 minute drive each way. So I only go when I am hunting for new projects, all other times I send him with a list of what threads to buy. The ladies there actually know he's there for me its too funny. You can kind of see the blue thread I was supposed to use in the upper right corner of June , it barely shows up. The piece was supposed to be stitched on tan fabric, but all I had in my fabric stash was blue and I was a little too eager to start this piece so I went with what I had. I thought about maybe doing a grass green instead of the blue behind June, but the piece already has a lot of green in it. Anyway can't wait to have it done and finished. I am going to the quilt store tommorow to look for some cute bee fabric to finish it with.

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