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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One hour

So this is what an hour of my day looks like. See those two tiny blue squares on the left side. Yes it took me an hour to do just those two. In my defense I did iron all the other fabrics you see in the pic, and I also had one hitting/biting toddler with a tattletale for an older sister to deal with. But still I must admit I am a much better cross-stitcher than a quilter.

Yes I started ANOTHER project, I don't even want to think about how many I have going right now, they will never all be done!! This one was inspired by someone else's blog and I saw the piece and just had to make one of my own. I was reading QuiltDads blog (yes a man who is crafty!) and he was part of a quilt exchange and received a beautiful doll quilt with all these awesome oceany blues and greens and a mermaid! I couldn't resist the mermaid. And also in some dim part of my brain I thought hmm a doll quilt that shouldn't take too long.....I am on hour one and have only two measly squares to show for it.

Part of why it took so long today is that today is my "zombie" day. I work night shift so on my weekends I switch back to sleeping at night by just staying awake for almost 24 hours on my last day at work. Its not pretty. Think jammies with really bad hair. I really needed to replace the blade on my rotary cutter today (would have made this all go much quicker) but couldn't muster the energy to shower and dress so a trip to the store was out of the question. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be switched around to daylight hours and can venture out into public again.

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