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Thursday, June 4, 2009

I don't like it!!

So I spent four hours yesterday cutting and sewing pieces for the mermaid quilt, I was very motivated and had gotten myself a new rotary blade so it was much easier. But then last night when I laid them out on the floor they just weren't right. There were just too many colors, and while the original had a cool 70's vibe going mine just looks more like Florida retirement home tropical (the bright turquoise and greens did it). So I think I am going to only use one of the batik prints against the turquoise tie dye fabric and then do the mermaid in a dark navy with variegated thread outline and maybe some beads thrown in. I just have to find the motivation for another day of cutting out little tiny pieces. I'm not a detail/precision person more of a a throw it all together and see what happens, so rotary cutting kills me. Anyway I think I will have to set it aside for a moment and try and finish special delivery, I am so close and just want to have it done. Hopefully the next post of "Special Delivery" all I will have left to do is the outlining.

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