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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost Done!!!

Yeah!! Almost done with "special delivery". I only have the backstitching and a few feathers to add in. And of course the babys eyes to stitch in, I am going to do them the actual color of the babys eyes even though the chart calls for brown. Also on my own project "Faith" I am close to a finish. I just have to do the white outline, a few more words and little flowers on the stem and I am finished. I made myself promise I would not go back to the cross-stitch shop until I finished some of the many wip's I have at home. After these two I am going to try and finish my "spring rose" quilt top. I want to have that one professionally quilted (#1 I want to try a fancier pattern for the top, #2 I dont want to machine stitch it and #3 I definately dont want to hand stitch it). But I have never used a professional quilter to finish my work, so I am sure it will be an interesting challenge finding someone and then turning over a project to them that I have put so much of my work and love into.

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