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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy June!

 "August" Word-play is done. I changed the colors of her dress to a slighter brighter blue, and stitched the accents in blue instead of white. Since this linen was lighter the white was not showing up at all on it. I am going to add two bee charms, instead of stitching them as called for. I know I already have some little gold bees that will work perfectly on this, I just need to find them in my craft room. Who knows how long that will take. Actually I am in the process of looking for 2 other charts I know I purchased, but didn't get filed away correctly so this weekend I may take some time to spring clean my crafting stash.
I also started and finished this one on our Memorial weekend road trip North. It is of course a Lizzie Kate, "Liberty". I think I used only one of the called for colors from the chart, and the rest I used whatever looked close from my thread stash. I am also sure I have a flag button somewhere in my button jar, so plan to use that instead of stitching the called for heart. 

I've made some good progress on "Thine is the Trick and the Treat" this week, and am optimistically hopeful this will be done for Halloween. I made a goal chart of each of the quaker designs, and have been checking them off as I get them done. My goal was four a week. This helped me power through, cause the random stitching bits here and there was not getting me anywhere. 

Some cute puppies came to visit our home this week. They were brought into my work as strays and were going to be picked up by the pound. Instead they got to visit with us until they could be reunited with their owner (which was only a few short hours). My girls were so excited to have cute little puppies in the house I think they thoroughly wore these dogs out.

And here is part of our weekend trip up North. We went to Bearzona, a local wildlife park. Mr. Wolf  what sharp teeth you have! He's actually yawning in this photo. You could drive through each enclosure of the park, and the wolves walked right alongside our vehicle as we drove through. They did warn us though that the bears had been being naughty and taking off people's bumpers and mirrors so we shouldn't stop in their enclosure. It was very fun getting to see them up close, and well worth the trip. 

As I mentioned before, I am trying to organize my craft room a bit more. And I have come to the conclusion that even after 25 years of stitching, I may never stitch all of the charts I have. Especially if I keep buying more! But the benefit of this, is I am now sorting through my stash and hoping to share it with all my stitching friends. I created a separate page at the top called Stash Unload, and so far have only gotten through one of my binders but found 37 charts that I have either stitched already, or are no longer my cup of tea. Mind you I still have 4 more binders to go through, I organize my charts by season and have a binder for each plus a separate binder just for Halloween. If you are interested in any of the charts email me your address (bluestarstitcher@gmail.com) and I will happily send them on their way. I will try and post on my main page when I add new items, and will try and delete the photos of charts that have been claimed.


Christina said...

My eldest daughter, Iris, would love puppies to stay at our house. She is desperate for a pet. One day maybe...I feel I have enough to cope with, with 3 children at the moment!
What a great idea for your stash. I have been trying to do the same with some of my older charts. I sold one of my Mirabilia charts on eBay last week and somebody bid £27.00 for it!! I couldn't believe it. I am interested in a few of your charts...LK Two Shall Be as One, Bent Creek Starry, Starry Night, LK Bless Our Home. Please let me know what I can give in return for them. Best wishes, Christina

Ps if you are interested in a Halloween exchange, please let me know! 🎃

butterfly said...

Lovely June stitching .
Oh I do love the puppies those faces are so cute.
And I also love that wolf just beautiful .

Astrids dragon said...

Wonderful stitching, I really love Thine is the Trick and Treat!
The pups are precious, glad you were able to help them out before they were reunited with their owner.
How wonderful for you to share your charts, I think once I get organized I might have to do that too!

Rachel said...

Fantastic stitching! I really love the Halloween design. Is it Jardin Privet?

Awww....I surprised your kids let the puppies go. They are adorable.

That park sounds fun....except for the bears! At least you are getting out and seeing things before it gets too hot there.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on August, finished in plenty of time for the month!
Thine is the Trick and the Treat is wonderful, I stitched that one a little while ago and love it.
The chart is worth quite a lot now as it is OOP. It's in my retirement fund LOL
I had a look through the Stash Unload page and wondered if you could put the L*K Spooky String to one side until you get to the Hallowe'en binder as I have a feeling there may be a few I like in that folder!

Julie said...

Augusts wordplay is great.
Cute puppies.

Melinda Forbes said...

Now I am not sure I would have been able to drive through all those Wolves and Bears. The picture of Mr. Wolf is amazing. What a great idea for your stash. It is so very kind.

Brigitte said...

So nice, your August finish, and lovely progress on your WIPs.
A great idea to just create a stash unload page. I have to consider this, too, as I want to get rid of some of my charts as well.

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