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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mish-Mash May

Mish Mash: noun- a confused mixture or jumble. 

I feel like that perfectly describes the end of the school year at our house, and my crafting this month.

I finished July Word-Play, and love it! I plan on making it into a pillow for one of my stitching chairs, and am on the hunt for some anchor fabric to back it with. I changed some of the colors on this one, but tried to stay close to the photo on the chart.

 I have already jumped right into the next chart for August, and have made some good progress. All of the words are done on it, and the gardener's dress. I have all of the little areas now to finish. I plan to also do this as a pillow, and am picturing some sort of bee themed fabric for it.
 I also managed a finish this week putting my total number of WIP's at 29. Yay, I am officially under 30 WIP's. My goal for the next 3 months is to finish 5 more. By the end of 2017 I would like to have less than 20 WIP's, so I am inching my way towards that lofty goal. This one is Birds of a Feather "Schoolhouse Sampler". I loved the lettering on this one, but have no idea how I am going to finish it.
 Here is how I spent last weekend. In addition to reducing my total number of WIP's I am also trying to be a little more organized in my crafting. I have been gifted several peoples stash over the years, and wound up with a ton of DMC floss, some of which is probably as old as I am. Well I started taking it to work with me and winding bobbins while at my desk. I filled a 5 gallon ziploc bag with bobbins. So I spent Saturday night sorting them, and putting them in my thread cases. I now have 11 thread cases in numerical order, and should NEVER have to go buy thread again.
Here is my May wall. I decided it was time to take down all the cute spring, but wasn't quite ready to move on to patriotic summer stitches yet. So my theme this month is flowers. Several of these stitches are ones I did when I first started stitching years ago.

This one is a more recent finish. Cricket Collection "Violets"
An older one, that was out of a kit. No idea what the name of it was, and I think it may be older than my oldest child. 

This one was not stitched by me, it was an Ebay purchase. Sorry I couldn't manage a better photo without all the glare. I love the navy fabric this was stitched on. 

 Another kit I did many many years ago. It's funny that when I first started stitching I had no idea there was anything other than Aida fabric and kits from Michael's or Jo-Ann's. Now there are so many patterns online, and so many beautiful hand-dyed fabrics to stitch them on.
 Another kit from long ago. I love the ombre blue background on this one. All of these frames are Goodwill finds, that I framed myself at home. This one was from Ikea, and was already painted blue when I bought it. I think it suits this piece perfectly.

And my last kit is a Dimensions one, called "Watering Can Geraniums". I at least ventured away from  plain white Aida on this one, as the kit came with a very pretty light green Aida. 

And here are my menfolk helping with the framing. Anytime my husband is working on something, my little boy runs to get his toolbox to help. I have to share a funny about my husband. He went with me to Attic Needlework last weekend for more threads, and has been vicariously watching floss tube with me. So as we are in the store, he points to a Hawk Run Hollow piece on the wall, and says "that's the one the lady changed so the cemetery wasn't next to the school". I actually heard another  woman in the store hold back a giggle at his needlepoint knowledge. I was impressed he recognized the design, as most of the time he doesn't watch floss-tube with me, but listens while he is doing his own thing. 


gracie said...

What a great display.

butterfly said...

Love your stitching and the colour change.
You have a lovely display of beautiful stitching.

KimM said...

Lovely, lovely display of your talents. All beautifully finished.

Christina said...

Mish-Mash May... great alliteration! The Schoolhouse Sampler on black is so pretty. I rarely stitch on black yet always admire when somebody else does! Your husband's comment made me laugh! Was he referring to Julie from Reflections Stitching and Framing?! My husband always seem to be lurking when I am watching floss tube too.

Julie said...

Lots of lovely finishes.
Well done to hubby.... I wonder if the lady went home and told her hubby he should be paying more attention to her stitching!

Rachel said...

Woohoo! Congrats on getting through your WIPs. You could always finish the chalkboard piece on a corkboard. I have seen some cross stitchers who flat finish the piece and put at the top or bottom of corkboard so it jazzs up your memo board :)

Good luck with your projects :)

Cathy said...

I love the May wall! Each item on it is lovely. I like how your little boy is ready with the hammer. How come little boys go for the hammers first?!!

Melinda Forbes said...

Your husband! I watch that flosstuber too. So funny. Great picture of your son and Dad working together to help with the framing. Thank you for sharing all your flower projects. Great display. Congrats on narrowing down your WIPS. I have enjoyed seeing your finishes

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for the tour of your May wall, I must get some more summery projects out.
I saw the video with the changed Hawk Run too!
I did get your email about the Wordplay charts but I'm so far behind replying to emails I haven't responded yet! Love the two recent ones.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love all the pictures!

Brigitte said...

Wonderful stitching and framing.
You are very successful reducing the number of your WIPs.
Are there better pictures than the ones with heaps and lots and bags full of DMC? I love seeing that.

Astrids dragon said...

Wow, I love your wall! The flowers are all lovely and perfect until the red, white, and blue come out!
Oh boy, winding bobbins, I know you're glad you finished that chore.
Sweet picture with your DH and DS, what a great helper. My DH tries, but really has no idea what I do!