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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I feel better now

OK last night I admit I was a little tired and may have been in the midst of a tantrum over not getting anything done. But today I feel better about it. I took my sewing machine in bright and early this morning and they managed to fix it in less than twenty minutes and it was still covered by the last time I had it in a month or so ago. Turns out I was using too heavy of a thread for my machine. Which is odd, it was Coats and Clark for "machine quilting" but I guess it is for use on the bigger machines. Who knew, thread is not really my thing, though I do love cross stitch thread!
I have put away my Autumn piece for next year, and assembled my supplies for the Angel ornament above. My sister loves angels and lions so I figured this was perfect. I bought it last October but didn't have time to even start it for Christmas. So this year I am being "scroogey" and not making anyone ornaments (I normally make one for each family member). I am only going to finish this one. And if it is done before Christmas I might make myself an ornament. Strangely enough after making dozens of ornaments I only have one tiny little x-stitch ornament on my own tree!

And this was a trip to the cross stitch store after all the money I "saved" with not having to pay to get my machine fixed. Just because I am not starting anything new doesn't mean I can't plan ahead, and at least they are all little projects.

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Tammy said...

Aw, I know that feeling of discouragement. Hang in there and keep stitching girl. Love the new stash!