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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Charity Thwarted!

So while I was playing on the computer Monday I came across a blog called Margaret's Hope Chest. It is a charity dedicated to giving 400 quilts to homeless children in Grand Rapids Michigan for this winter. While I live nowhere near Michigan I am a sucker for anything benefiting children so I was immediately inspired. I cut/pieced this yesterday thinking it would be an easy pattern (I hadn't done it before). Well the directions were a little confusing but I did manage to get it mostly together in an afternoon so it was a quick pattern but maybe not easy.

So here comes the thwarted part...I was laying it out last night to decide on the final block arrangement when my husband wandered past and fell in love with it and started noticing how I have yet to make him a quilt. So I guess this one will wind up being his, but I am going to make one for the charity too. I actually have a more kid friendly fabric with yellow ducks/blue bubbles so I will start cutting that tonight and hopefully have the top done by Friday.
That was one of the things that excited me about this one is that I rarely make "boy quilts", most of my quilts revolve around my personal preference for pinks. The pic below is the border/backing fabric. It is a little lighter colored than the brown flowers in the quilt top, but I still think its neat how it is basically the same flower pattern. It is also a flannel so its all cozy and soft. I am not sure if I will use it for the binding yet...I may do the blue fabric that is to the left (and right) of the brown in the middle. And this is the progress I made on my cross stitch last weekend. I have this little section pretty much done except for the white banner over the top of it. I only have one more large section to do and then all the filling in bits. I am so trying to get this done this month so I can at least hang it up in November before I start Christmas decorating and put it away for the year. This is almost 3 maybe four years of stitching here (its a 14 x 18 piece), I am anxious to have it done!!


Sharlotte said...

I can see why your husband flipped about the quilt.That style is very popular amoung the men these days.Have you seen the fabric out with coffee stuff on it in those colors? I think the fabric is from Moda and looks kind of late 50's -early 60ish style.It's cute. Glad to see the progress on your autumn piece. I had a halloween one that I had hoped to have done for this year ,but I suspect it won't be done until next year. Jack said that he wouldn't mind stitching on halloween pieces all year long, so maybe I can get him to work on it for me! :0)
Take care!

Ann said...

It's always great when a quilt is a hit with a man, especially THE man! I'm divorced now, but I always slightly regret that I didn't make him a quilt. He was hard to please... I had one planned, but ended up making it for myself! Your pink quilt is coming along nicely. Cheers,

corinna said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog
that is how i found yours
say that autumn piece is gorgeous
rich pretty colors
lovely stitching
like all the quilting pieces too