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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gobble Gobble....Squawk!!!!

Technically I think crows caw, not squawk, but squawk is more appropriate for my day. This is the little bit I got done on my Autumn piece this week, I finished the turkey in the upper left hand corner. And I think this is probably all I will get done on this one this year. I am getting bored with it and also a little overwhelmed and am admitting defeat that it will not be a finished project this year. I have had a frustrating day after a very stressful week. I had five little projects to finish today and none of them got done! The crow below is a little candle wrapper that I am having an impossible time finishing, I have ripped out the outside stitches and ribbons four or five times now, and finally decided I would just satin stitch around the edges with my sewing machine. So I pulled my sewing machine out only to have it completely seize up before I even got a stitch in. So bright and early tomorrow morning it will be heading back to the shop. I am a little frustrated since I just got it back a month ago for similar issues, but I think it will still be covered from the last visit so hopefully it won't be another $100 dollars out the door.

And this is the full picture of Autumn before it is put into hibernation for the winter. Considering I have only been working on it three-four months with lots of little projects in between I have gotten a good amount done. Now is just the filling in parts and of course the back stitching (Yuck!)

So in light of all the recent stress and frustration and also in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season I am drastically shortening my to do list. I have started to be overwhelmed with WIP's and don't want something I love to become a chore. So by the end of the year I want to finish my charity quilt for Margaret's hope chest, pink pinwheels for my daughter, and an angel ornament for my sister that I haven't even started yet!
And I can't not post a picture of the awesome needle-fold Sharlotte of the Happy Needle made. I won it off a give away from her blog. It arrived in the mail on Saturday and has received a much honored place on my stitching shelf so I can look at it often. I also mailed off my exchange piece for the Pink exchange on Hooked on Exchanging, so I am anxious to know if they like it or not. By the way taking a two year old to wait in line at the post office is a special kind of torture!! I don't think she will see the inside of a post office again until she is at least 25!


Sharlotte said...

Your Autumn piece is turning out nice. I like the little crow too! Sewing machine trouble is suck a pain in the neck isn't it? I have had to have mine worked on .It does stuff that I can't figure out why. I still have problems with it and others with the same machine of had some of the same complaints. Maybe one of these days I can get me a nice Bernina. That would be a dream come true! Glad the needlebook arrived and that you like it.Have a good week.

TammyK said...

Your Autumn piece is awesome - I've always loved that design. Your crow is totally cute too. Ah, those terrible two's - they can do some pretty sweet stuff at that age too eh?