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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I got my sewing machine back yesterday, so in celebration I spent my whole morning sewing. This is my progress so far on Pink Pinwheels. I need to do 30 more blocks and 256 more petals, but its getting closer to done. After I finish the flower blocks though there are striped strips to add on as the border. It was exciting seeing how big it was getting, this is almost enough for a twin size quilt and I need to get it to a full size quilt.
This is one of my favorite flowers, I love the rose fabric. But I am debating whether to use it. When I laid the quilt out this fabric stood out to much because it is such a different shade of pink. Maybe I will use it for something else if it doesn't get used here.

And this is the bit of cross stitching I got done while waiting for my sewing machine to return. I decided to work on the Autumn piece first since it is the season. But I know I will not have this done in time to display this Autumn. That's ok though its still fun to work on!

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Sharlotte said...

Congratulations on getting your sewing machine back! Isn't it such a headache without it? I've been doing so much cross stitch lately that I have neglected the quilts I am working on. I will need to back on them soon as it getting chilly here in MO as of late.I lived in Arizona about 3 different times when I was a kid.Most of that time was in Phoenix.Just thought I would say hello.Love the layout of your blog by they way.Hope you drop by mine sometime. thehappyneedle.blogspot.com