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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No willpower!

My willpower to not start another project lasted me a week. I bought this pattern last week while out getting more fabric for "Pink Pinwheels" and promised myself I wouldn't start it until I finished at least one of my WIP's. But today while out getting more fabric for Pinwheels (this quilt is taking a lot more black/white fabric than I thought) I saw this jelly roll called "Pumpkins and Spice" by Moda. Fall is definitely my favorite season and I had to have it. This is actually my first time using jelly rolls for a quilt and I am loving the convenience of having the fabric already in strips (cutting is my least enjoyable part of quilting). So this is my first block of the quilt, only twenty three more to go. I'm a little worried though, the pattern said a finished size block should be 10x 10, but after squaring mine up it measures 11x 11. I don't want to cut off anymore out of the outer strip though because then it will be skinnier than the other strips. So I think I am going to leave it until I see what size my second block comes out as and then make a decision. And this is the little bit more I got done on my Autumn cross stitch this weekend. The white banner underneath her will read "Halloween" once I do the back stitching. The cat is also starting to develop. I am debating whether I should do the back stitching on this as I finish each section, or after I have the whole thing done. It is a big piece and if I wait until the end it will be A LOT of back stitching. Also I think it would be better motivation to see each section "done" as I do them. Normally I do wait until I have all the cross stitching done to do the backstitches. Any opinions?


TammyK said...

Wow, you've been a busy little bee. Your quilt square looks great. Hope the size turns out okay. The kitty & pumpkin is so cute. I always do my backstitching as I go :o)

Tammy said...

I'd finish as I go along....the quilted block looks great and so does your cross stitch project. I love that!

stitcherw said...

What a cute piece. As to the back stitching, I do a combination of as I go and finishing up at the end. Good luck finding what works best for you. While a pain, backstitch sure does make things pop, so at least it is rewarding.