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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New start...

If your a member of Hooked on exchanging 2 and are participating in the pink exchange...DONT READ THIS...otherwise don't worry about it...

Anyways I am participating in the PINK exchange, and have been stressing over what to stitch. I was going to do a Lizzie Kate ornament type thing out of her Living with Charm series of flip- its, but then couldn't pick which word to stitch, I have done all of them together in a strip piece already (which is woefully rolled up in my craft closet waiting to be framed), and in general like Lizzie Kate but I was worried my exchange partner might not, from her blog it doesn't look like she does much "cutesy" stuff. Anyways this is the first exchange I have done, and I really wanted to make something that someone else would be excited to receive. So I drove the 30 minutes to my local favorite cross stitch store this morning and found this one. It is a Little House Needleworks design (a local AZ designer yeah!), and I am stitching it one over one on 36 ct linen. Its kind of hard to read since it is so small but it says "Be joyful in hope". In case you are wondering what that weird metal square is in the picture, that is the best part. It is a little 2 in x 2.25 inch frame to make a necklace out of the cross stitch. So I got the chart and frame this morning, and started it this afternoon at nap time. This is about 2 hours worth of work. I don't think I will work on it anymore tonight though, its so small I might go blind from it.

And this is the bit I got done on Autumn this weekend. I actually got more done but had to rip it out again due to it being 5 rows off, grrrrrr! Another thing that is making me slightly nervous (ok really freaked out) is the white banner in the middle is off and I can't figure out why. I started this piece years ago and had put it away for a while, and when I picked it up again this year I just started stitching from the right side of the center circle and have worked my way clockwise from there (does that make any sense at all?). So now that I am three-quarters of the way around something is not quite matching up. I have decided to continue on the outer circle since all those line up with each other, and then if I have to I will restitch the banner.

Mr. Stitcher hopefully gets home tommorow or Thursday from his Grand Canyon adventure. So I will soon have to share my after bedtime stitching time again. I have missed him (3 weeks is a long time) but have really gotten stuff done around the house while he has been gone. Its kind of been like a vacation for me too. But I am glad he is coming home safe and sound this week.


Sharlotte said...

Ok, I read the first paragraph and skipped the the rest of the post due to I am on that exchange too! LOL! Anyway, I had thought of the pumpkin thing too with the Bent Creek owl. I wan't sure what pumpkin I would use so I decided to go ahead and use the pattern the way it is. I like the bird on an Easter egg idea too. That's cute.Thanks for the comment on my dad,bless your heart. Hope your hubby gets home safe and sound.What needlework shop do you go to? Is it The Busy Needle? I used to do eBay a lot and she has bought things from me as shop models before.Have a great day!

TammyK said...

I could not imagine stitching one over one on 36 ct linen. It's very cute & I love the way you're gonna finish it. Your Autumn is looking great & I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the frogs leave ya alone for a while.

Tammy said...

I'm with Tammy K---you're a brave woman stitching over one on that count girl!! It's so lovely!Go away frogs!