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Thursday, August 27, 2009

An inventory and a VERY lofty goal

I miss my machine.
They said it should be
done in about a month.
So while it is gone, I have
picked up one of my
cross stitching WIP's.
I have a whole box of them tucked in Ziploc bags in my crafts closet. I keep my quilting WIP's in plastic Rubbermaid tubs in there too so I can stack them all together.
Today though instead of working on anything I decided to check what I have to work on. I am suddenly realizing there
are only 4 more months
of this year left. And while
I keep accumulating new
projects I am slow to get any actually done. The
"fresh and clean" is five
years old, the Autumn piece is about 3 years old, and the "Daughters Love" is over a year old.

They are all pretty large cross stitches. Sorry for the bad pictures of them, I just pulled them out of their bags and hoops to see where I was on them. I wonder if I should start on the one I am closest to finishing or the one that will take me the longest. Right now I have been working on the August piece, which is probably the furthest from being done.

I am doing a little better on quilts, I only have three right now and they were all started this year at least. So my new goal for the year is to finish all six projects before the end of the year. That way I can start the new year fresh and clean. It will feel good to have them cleared out of the closet. I like each of them so much and they deserve to be finished and enjoyed not sitting in a box for another year.

My quilts I want to finish are "spring rose" the pink and green one, "hopping along" obviously the frog one and probably the one I am closest to finishing, it will probably end up as a lap quilt, and "Pink Pinwheels" which will be for my daughters full sized bed. I am starting to wonder if it is crazy to try and finish 6 projects in under four months. But I think starting next year "finished" will motivate me (and hopefully keep me from starting anything new!)

"Spring Rose"
obviously I need to finish some more sashings

"Hopping Along"
I think the official title is Infrognito on the pattern

"Pink Pinwheels"

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stitcherw said...

Fun projects all. The crossstitch pieces all look great, I'd work on whichever calls to you the most. Or, if all are equal I'd go with the one closest to being done, I love the feeling of a finish. The quilts are looking wonderful too, especially the frog one, I love it.