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Thursday, August 20, 2009

S.O.S. = Sewing-machine on Strike

So a little frustrated today, I had all morning to work on my quilt, and planned to sew a few more blocks but my sewing machine wanted to take the day off apparently. I think it is something with the bobbin, every 5th stitch or so was loose. So I spent most of my morning cleaning out the bottom of my sewing machine (ewww how does all the fuzz get in there!) and reading my owners manual for the first time (besides the very quick glance at it when I first bought my machine). I still have not fixed the problem though. The rest of my morning was spent fusing petals on and cutting out more petals.
Flower with mixed petals....
While cutting and fusing petals though I changed my mind on the lay-out, and am going to do mine a little different than the magazines. I think I like the flowers with the petals all from the same fabric rather than doing 8 different petals on each flower. I am not sure and will probably still use the ones I have already done with the mixed fabrics. But I think having it all the same shows off each fabric better.
Flower with the same petals....

Ones with different petals...
The very top pic is the blocks with same petals

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Ann said...

Have you fixed the problem yet? Sometimes that's caused by the needle needing to be changed, or worse, having hit a pin while sewing! I like the quilt too.